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Graduate Certificate in


The 14-credit Graduate Certificate in Geodesign provides you with the flexibility to complete your course work at times and places most convenient for you, combined with a highly relevant, dynamic curriculum taught by faculty with world-class expertise. You can complete this online graduate certificate program in one year.

The courses can help you develop the skills needed to take the lead on complex environmental design problems that require the synthesis of geographic knowledge, geospatial analysis, and best practices of design. Through successful completion of the course work, you can learn to:

  • perform critical evaluations of specific geodesign model techniques relative to particular environmental and cultural contexts and conditions
  • demonstrate knowledge of the multidimensional scope and scale of projects to which geodesign can be applied
  • combine design with relevant science-based and value-based information, in a manner that explores alternative solutions from a cross-disciplinary, decision-driven approach

Program Flexibility
Geodesign (GEODZ) courses operate on 8-week terms. Our geography (GEOG) courses operate on 10-week terms. Two course terms will be offered in the fall and spring and one in the summer. Please see the course schedule for a complete listing of courses being offered.

With two sessions being offered in fall and spring, and one session in the summer, some courses may overlap. However, this term structure provides you with the greatest flexibility possible in completing your certificate at your preferred pace. You can choose to schedule your courses without any overlap or take as many courses as possible to finish sooner.

Course List — Graduate Certificate in Geodesign 

Required Geodesign Courses (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Geodesign History, Theory, Principles GEODZ 511 Students study the theory and principles of geospatially based design by investigating the methods and collaborative nature of the geodesign process.

Prerequisite: GEOG 482 (Please contact the program to discuss waiving this requirement.)
3 credits
Geodesign Models I: Evaluation and Decision GEODZ 822 The principles, inherent values, and practical applications of evaluation and decision models as implemented within the geodesign framework.

Prerequisite: GEODZ 511
3 credits
Geodesign Models II: Process and Impact


Geodesign Models III: Representation and Change

The principles, inherent values, and practical applications of process and impact models as implemented within the geodesign framework.


The principles, inherent values, and practical applications of representation and change models as implemented within the geodesign framework.

Prerequisite: GEODZ 822 is required for entrance into either of these courses.
3 credits

Students are required to take at least 5 credits of geography courses at the 400 level or higher. Based on your experience in geographic information systems, you and your academic adviser will determine which GEOG electives will best meet your needs and interests.

The following GEOG courses are recommended for those individuals without GIS experience.

Recommended Geography Courses (5 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
The Nature of Geographic Information GEOG 482 Orientation to the properties of geographic data and the practice of distance learning. 2 credits
Problem-Solving with GIS GEOG 483 How geographic information systems facilitate data analysis and communication to address common geographic problems.

Prerequisite: GEOG 482
3 credits

Course Availability

If you're ready to see when your courses will be offered, visit our public LionPATH course search (opens in new window) to start planning ahead.

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