Penn State World Campus is the online campus of The Pennsylvania State University with more than 20,000 students. Penn State World Campus provides an accessible, quality Penn State education online to address the needs of individuals who seek a higher education beyond the traditional campus experience. Partnering with Penn State's academic units and colleges allows Penn State World Campus to offer more than 200 degree and certificate programs developed and taught by Penn State faculty.

Academic Excellence within Your Reach

Penn State World Campus has been providing quality education online since 1998, advancing new knowledge, contributing to research, and enabling creative expression no matter where our students are located. Penn Staters who earn their degrees online develop unique ways of understanding, experiencing, and applying their education that often lead to success and advancement in their careers.

Successful Students, Graduates, and Alumni

The best way to understand Penn State World Campus is to look at our students. They are leaders in organizations, workplaces, and the military. They manage everyday commitments and adult responsibilities, balancing work, family, and education. Each of our students brings a wealth of unique life experiences and professional qualifications to their educational experience, enriching the learning environment not only for themselves but also for their peers in their courses. As World Campus graduates, these Penn Staters harness the comprehensive skill set gained during their online education which informs exceptional work and community service.

Preparing Students to Succeed through Engaged Scholarship

As an innovative leader in online learning, Penn State World Campus creates opportunities for students to be highly engaged throughout their educational experience. Access to adaptive curriculum, renowned faculty, a global student body, research opportunities, and the world’s largest alumni network allows our students to thrive in an online environment.