Financial Literacy to Make Informed Financial Decisions

College graduates often earn significantly more than high school graduates over a lifetime, but they can also incur student loan debt and face many financial challenges in the process. Are you thinking of going back to college, but aren't sure how it may impact your finances? Penn State's Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center offers financial literacy services that can help you learn how to create a budget, manage your personal debt, and understand your student loan options and repayment obligations.

Visit the Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center website to learn more today.

Assistance for Unemployed Workers to Use Educational Benefits

Workers who are recently unemployed or whose jobs have been outsourced may be able to take advantage of educational benefits through the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA). Penn State World Campus accepts this source of funding, and our counselors can help you navigate the process of determining your eligibility. If you are eligible for TAA, our staff will work with your state’s career center to assist you in using your educational benefits as a World Campus student.

Email [email protected] to find out how TAA benefits may help you pursue your education and what you need to do to determine eligibility.