How to teach with Penn State World Campus

Penn State, a pioneer in distance education, launched Penn State World Campus in 1998. Our online programs employ more than 1,200 faculty members, many of whom teach both online and in residence. These faculty bring a commitment to providing the same high-quality, rigorous academic experience to our online students as is offered in our residence programs.

Faculty hiring decisions are made through each academic unit and campus. To see if there are any positions available, visit Penn State’s job search site. Use the drop down menus to make the appropriate selections. Please note that many of our Commonwealth Campuses partner with Penn State World Campus and therefore have faculty or teaching positions posted through their respective campus.

Faculty Training and Assessment

Penn State World Campus is committed to the continued professional development of faculty and instructors particularly in the area of online instruction. We offer professional development resources and programs to provide faculty with the tools and resources to teach in the online environment and to deliver engaging and innovative courses. Offered through our Online Faculty Development department, these programs provide instruction in content development strategies that have applications in online and resident instruction contexts.

How to propose a program idea

Penn State’s faculty, staff, and administrators interested in reviewing the University policies and practices prior to collaborating with the Penn State World Campus should visit Web Learning @ Penn State. Log in with your PSU ID to access an assortment of resources and information including the Penn State World Campus program proposal process and administrative manual.