More than 19,000 students take courses through Penn State World Campus. They bring their unique experiences and perspectives, as you do, and when combined with the course materials, those create a rich learning environment.

 Penn State World Campus has 19,000+ students and 775,000+ alumni

Diversity Is Our Strength

There is no single path to World Campus, and the diversity of our students is one of our greatest strengths. Our student body includes learners located in many different parts of the world.

Top Countries (and/or total number of countries represented by students): United States, Canada, China, South Korea, India

Never Too Old, Never Too Late

While the average World Campus undergraduate student is 30 years old, our students study and collaborate with peers of all ages and professional backgrounds. Working as part of a diverse group is not only a great learning opportunity, but also a fantastic chance to establish a wide professional network.

30 is the average undergraduate student age and 35 is the average graduate student age

Balancing Family Life

More than a third of our students are parents, many of whom complete their course work while managing family affairs like getting children to soccer practice and tucking in little ones for the night. Our students often begin — or return to finish — their degree to become a more positive role model for their families.

34% of World Campus students are married and 32% of World Campus students are parents

Study at Your Own Pace

Many World Campus students fit their course work into busy lives between full-time jobs and other responsibilities. Our flexible programs and multiple start dates throughout the year allow you to go as fast as you’d like or to take your time. More than 74% of our students take classes part-time and opt for 1–2 courses per semester.

74.3% of our students are enrolled part-time

Service Members and Their Families

That same flexibility that is so beneficial to working adults and parents makes World Campus a great choice for members of the military. We’re proud to have a student population that includes more than 2,900 students with a military affiliation.

61% of our military students are veterans, 27% are active military, and 12% are spouses and dependents. Total military student population is 2,900.

Honoring Military Service

Our Military Grant-in-Aid program makes it possible for service members and their spouses to save on undergraduate tuition, bringing our tuition rate closer to the Department of Defense cap. Explore our Military benefits to learn other ways that Penn State World Campus can help support your higher education journey.

$2,721,823 total Grant-in-Aid awarded