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Undergraduate Certificate in
Nursing Management


The online nursing management certificate is a 12-credit program of study. To earn this certificate*, you must successfully complete the following 4 courses:

  • NURS 430: Organization and Administration for the Nurse Manager
  • NURS 431: Data Management for Nurse Managers
  • NURS 432: Nursing Management of Human Resources
  • NURS 433: Seminar for Nurse Managers

The delivery method for the courses in this program is an online group format, with a group of students progressing together through each course. The course content and activities are available in electronic format, and access to the Web is required to complete this program.

*Note: The curriculum in Penn State's online nursing management certificate will help prepare you for national certification and you will receive a certificate from Penn State upon successful completion of the courses. However, you will still need to pass the official certification exam and meet all of the eligibility requirements in order to be awarded the national credential.

Course List — Undergraduate Certificate in Nursing Management 

Prescribed Courses (12 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Organization and Administration for the Nurse Manager NURS 430 Introduction to organizational theory and principles of practice in the administration of nursing services and patient care. 3 credits
Data Management for Nurse Managers NURS 431 Analysis of information systems to manage nursing service organizations. Includes financial management, the budgeting processes, and productivity measurement. 3 credits
Nursing Management of Human Resources NURS 432 Human resource management and related factors in nursing service organizations. 3 credits
Seminar for Nurse Managers NURS 433 Focuses on the application of management principles in the role of the nurse manager. 3 credits

Note: Students need to earn at least a "C" grade in all 4 courses to be eligible for the certificate.

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