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Undergraduate Certificate in
Turfgrass Management, Basic


The online basic certificate in turfgrass management is a 15-credit minimum program of study. Early courses in the program introduce the field and cover turfgrass pest management, turfgrass cultural systems, and turfgrass edaphology.

The delivery method for the core courses in this program is "online group," with a group of students progressing together through each course. The courses are offered in a time frame comparable to a traditional semester schedule, with fixed start and end dates. The course content and activities are available in electronic format, and access to the web is required in order to complete this program.

Course List — Undergraduate Certificate in Turfgrass Management, Basic 

In order to earn the certificate, you must complete at least 15 credits from the following course options.

Note about prerequisites: For this program, listed course prerequisites may be waived by the course instructor if you can demonstrate the required level of competency.

Prescribed Courses (4 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Turfgrass Pesticides TURF 230 Covers chemical toxicity, formulations, environmental fate, labels, MSDS, calibration, IPM, safety, handling, storage, and Pennsylvania certification and regulations.

NOTE: Students who have a valid (and verifiable) state pesticide license can request to be exempted from taking TURF 230.
1 credit
The Turfgrass TURF 235 Characterization of the primary plant species used for sports, lawn and utility turf; includes turfgrass morphology, environmental adaptation, and cultural requirements. 3 credits
Additional Courses (Choose 11 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Turfgrass Disease Management PPEM 412 Introduction to biology of turfgrass pathogens and management of cool- and warm-season turfgrass.

Prerequisites: TURF 230
3 credits
Turfgrass and Ornamental Weed Control TURF 238 Students will be introduced to the development of integrated weed management strategies utilizing a variety of cultural and chemical methods. 3 credits
Golf Course Irrigation and Drainage TURF 307

A study of irrigation topics with a strong concentration on turfgrass irrigation applications and a focus on surface and subsurface drainage. 

Prerequisite: TURF 235; Recommend Preparation: MATH 21 and SOILS 101

NOTE: PLANT 217 may not be substituted for Turf 307 for prescribed course credit.   

3 credits
Turf Insect Pest Management ENT 317 Introduction to entomology and management of insect pests of cool- and warm-season turfgrass.

Prerequisite: Concurrent: TURF235
3 credits
Turfgrass Cultural Systems TURF 425 A study of turfgrass maintenance practices and how their interrelationships can be utilized to develop management systems.

Prerequisite: TURF 235; Recommended Preparation: SOILS 101
3 credits
Turfgrass Edaphology TURF 434 Characterization of soil physical and chemical properties for the establishment and maintenance of sports turf; includes root-zone construction.

Prerequisites: SOILS 101; TURF 235 (or equivalent)
3 credits
Turfgrass Nutrition TURF 435 Study of turfgrass nutrition and growth; emphasizing constructed and mineral soil fertility, nutrient uptake and function, and fertilizer use efficiency.

Prerequisite: TURF 235; Recommended Preparation: SOILS101
4 credits
Case Studies in Turfgrass Management TURF 436W Case study and discussion considering integrated management of selected turfgrass sites; emphasis on problem analysis, principle application, and decision-making. 

Prerequisite: TURF 235 and (TURF 434 or TURF 435); Recommended Preparation: TURF 238 and TURF 425

3 credits

Note: Students must earn at least a "C" grade in each course taken to be eligible for the certificate.

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