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Residency Requirement and Program Milestones

The online Doctor of Engineering in Engineering program requires you to spend a total of five days on campus. Major program milestones include the qualifying exam, comprehensive exam, and praxis defense. The full residency requirement can be met by attending a single five-day campus residency or multiple shorter on-campus residencies that combine to a minimum of five days.

Immediately prior to each fall semester, the D.Eng. program will hold an optional two-day orientation on the Penn State University Park campus that can count toward part of the residency requirement. Residency days can also be obtained through visits to campus for research meetings with praxis faculty, students, and researchers; attendance in lab group meetings; on-campus workshops; and organized D.Eng. program–specific professional development activities that will be offered at least once per semester for those in the program and to the broader community. Some of these days may also be spent in fulfillment of major program milestones including your qualifying exam, comprehensive exam, and praxis defense.

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