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Engineering Management professionals in a factory
Master of
Engineering Management


The 33-credit interdisciplinary Master of Engineering Management curriculum provides engineers with business and management perspectives as well as problem-solving skills. The curriculum was designed to help enhance your capability to manage major projects, business initiatives, policies, and other activities in both the public and private sectors.

Core course topics include:

  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Decision and Risk
  • Engineering Management Science
  • Engineering Management Strategy
  • Financial Studies for Engineering
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Technical Project Management

Complete Your Engineering Degree in Two Years

This degree consists of 11 courses which you will complete in continuous seven-week terms over a two-year period. Your course work is designed so that you can continue to work full-time while earning your master's degree. Maximum flexibility is maintained by the program in an effort to meet both the professional needs of individual students and academic quality standards.

Interact, Engage, Collaborate

Like our online systems and software engineering degree programs, the Master of Engineering Management program uses a cohort-based approach to learning and instruction. Over the years, we've found this approach creates a richer collaboration between instructors and students. Drawing on your own and the experience and knowledge of other students in your cohort, you will interact and exchange ideas as you move through your coursework, allowing for greater integration of course material.

Add a Graduate Minor in Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management

Students pursuing the Master of Engineering Management degree can customize this program to earn a Graduate Minor in Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management (ELIM) without taking on additional credits. To enroll in the ELIM Minor, students will need to complete the Request to Add a Graduate Minor form prior to their second semester and submit it to the MEM program office.  

The Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management minor can provide professionals with knowledge and skills in the key aspects of engineering business. For more information on the graduate minor, review the ELIM Minor Course List or contact the ELIM program office

Course List - Master of Engineering Management 

Year 1, Semester 1
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Engineering Management Science ENGMT 501 Mathematical models involving optimization, simulation and forecasting to provide quantitative solutions to engineering management problems; scheduling, distribution, inventory control. 3 credits
Term 1
Ethics and Values in Sciences and Technology STS 589 Study interrelationships of 20th-century technological change and human values with emphasis on social and ethical aspects of technological progress. 3 credits
Term 2
Year 1, Semester 2
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Organizational Behavior MNGMT 511 Individual and group behavior in organizations; motivation, performance and rewards, job satisfaction, decision processes, conflict resolution; job and organizational design. 3 credits
Term 1
Negotiations BADM 828 Course is designed to develop the theoretical foundation that is needed to understand the principles of effective (and ineffective) approaches to negotiations.  3 credits
Term 2
Year 1, Semester 3
Title Abbreviation Description Credits

Engineering for Energy and the Environment


Advances in design, development, and deployment of control and management software for enterprise and production information systems.

3 credits
Term 1
Economics and Financial Studies for Engineers ENGMT 510 Economic feasibility of projects, systems and products. Project budgets, estimation, return on investment, supply and demand, and earned value management. 3 credits
Term 2
Year 2, Semester 4
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Creativity and Problem Solving I SYSEN 850 Foundations of individual problem solving including creativity, cognitive style and level, problem-solving processes and techniques, the paradox of structure. 3 credits
Term 1
Creativity and Problem Solving II SYSEN 552 Theory and practical applications of group problem solving including cognitive gap, coping behavior, agents of change, and managing cognitive diversity. 3 credits
Term 2
Year 2, Semester 5
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Decision and Risk Analysis in Engineering SYSEN 536 Analysis of engineering decisions under uncertainty; problem identification, formulation, judgment, resolution; mitigation, risk analysis, quantification, and management. 3 credits
Term 1
Technical Project Management SYSEN 505 Analysis and construction of project plans for the development of complex engineering products taken from a variety of problem domains. 3 credits
Term 2
Year 2, Semester 6
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Engineering Management Strategy ENGMT 539 Project- and discussion-based capstone to the engineering management program. 3 credits
This course spans the entire semester

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