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Master of
Project Management


Based on the Needs of Multinational Corporations

The online master of project management degree is an interdisciplinary, 30-credit graduate program that uses problem-based learning to provide a thorough understanding of all aspects of project management theory and practice. It is designed to meet the needs of companies that are heavily engaged in large-scale projects. Penn State's team of faculty, headed by Dr. Jeffrey K. Pinto, an internationally recognized scholar in the field of project management, has joined forces with distinguished, multinational firm Rolls-Royce and the University of Manchester to develop a world-class curriculum for companies that require the highest level of expertise in the management of projects.

The master’s degree curriculum allows you to tailor your course work to align with your personal career goals. You can choose 6 credits of electives in a relevant topical area, or complete a research project based on a current project management issue in your organization. The program is structured so that you interact with high-caliber classmates who work in a variety of industries, enabling you to learn from each other and keep those relationships after graduation.

Because the 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Project Management consists of the first four courses of the master's program, you are able to add a quality credential to your résumé even before you complete the full degree. Students planning to complete more than one master’s degree should contact the project management administrative office for additional information and credit sharing limitations prior to applying. All students must begin with MANGT 510.

Course List - Master of Project Management

Master of Project Management Required Courses (21 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Project Management MANGT 510 A problem-based, interdisciplinary course in project management skills and techniques needed to manage projects in a modern business environment.

Prerequisite: graduate standing
3 credits
Cost and Value Management MANGT 515 A problem-based course that emphasizes project cost control and teaches students to apply techniques to control projects in business.

Prerequisite or concurrent: MANGT 510
3 credits
Planning and Resource Management MANGT 520 A problem-based course that addresses techniques for planning the project development process, including securing resources and resource management.

Prerequisite or concurrent: MANGT 510
3 credits
Commercial Law and Project Procurement MANGT 525 A problem-based course that addresses elements of commercial law and procurement practices and their implications for project management. 3 credits
Organizations MANGT 531 An examination of organizational theories and processes of organizational behavior. 3 credits
Interpersonal and Group Behavior MANGT 535 A human relations-based course that identifies the significant challenges that managing individuals on project teams represent.

Prerequisite or concurrent: MANGT 510
3 credits
Strategy: Corporate, Business, and Project MANGT 540 A problem-based course that focuses on linking projects to overall corporate strategy.

Prerequisite or concurrent: MANGT 510
3 credits
Master of Project Management Capstone Experience (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Management of Projects MANGT 575 A problem-based capstone course that integrates the themes necessary to appreciate the overall challenge of project management.

MANGT 510 prerequisite or concurrent: completion of at least 15 credits from MANGT 515 520 525 531 535 or 540
3 credits

In addition to the pre-approved elective courses listed below, you may choose courses in a topical area that align with your professional goals, in consultation with your adviser.

Master of Project Management Elective Courses (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Enterprise Architecture Foundations I EA 871* Theoretical foundations and practice of enterprise architecture. 3 credits
Enterprise Modeling EA 873* Theoretical foundations and practice of enterprise modeling.

Prerequisite: EA 871
3 credits
Engineering Across Cultures and Nations ENGR 802*** Explores cultural differences and impact on business practices and team dynamics working on virtual project teams with global partner universities. 3 credits
Engineering Product Innovation ENGR 804*** Develop competencies for leading new product/process development or participating in corporate spin-outs using entrepreneurial skills within a corporation. 3 credits

Project Team Leadership

MANGT 545 This course focuses on the development of team leadership skills and the ability to solve team problems related to human interaction.

Prerequisite or concurrent: MANGT 510 and MANGT 535
3 credits

Project Management and Marketing Linkages: New Product and Service Development

MANGT 855 This is a graduate-level project management elective designed to expose project managers to strategic issues in marketing, opportunity recognition, and new product/service development. 3 credits
Independent Study MANGT 596 Creative projects, including nonthesis research, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.

Prerequisite: All other courses in the program must be completed prior to enrolling in this course
6 credits
Introduction to ERP and Business Processes MIS 404 A problem-based, interdisciplinary course on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concepts and business processes.

Prerequisite: MIS 204 or 1st Level Programming Course or with the permission of the program
3 credits
Operations Planning and Control SCM 445 Aggregate production planning procedures, disaggregation methods in hierarchical production planning, master production scheduling, material requirements planning, lot-sizing, and capacity planning.

Prerequisite: SCM 310
3 credits
Purchasing and Materials Management SCM 460 Purchasing policies, procedures, order specifications and agreements, supplier selection, and the role of purchasing in production planning and inventory management.

Prerequisite: SCM 301 or SCM 310
3 credits
Supply Chain Management SCM 800†

Introduction to the core concepts of the strategic supply chain management framework, including process orientation, a systems viewpoint, intra-firm coordination, and extended enterprise collaboration.

3 credits

*EA 871  and EA 873 may be applied toward the 9-credit Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Architecture.

***ENGR 802 and ENGR 804 may be applied toward the Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management Graduate Minor.

†SCM 800 may be applied toward the 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management.

Prerequisites as listed may be waived by the course instructor if you can demonstrate the required level of competency.

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