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Graduate Certificate in
Community and Economic Development


Benefit from Faculty Expertise

Penn State is recognized around the globe as a distinguished university because of the sterling caliber of its faculty. As a World Campus student in the community and economic development program, you can learn from the same faculty who teach traditional, face-to-face classes on the Penn State University Park campus.

Faculty involved in the CEDEV graduate program have active research projects such as:

  • entrepreneurship success
  • implications of Marcellus shale development for families and communities
  • land-use change and implications for communities
  • rural youth out-migration and youth educational, occupational, and residential aspirations
  • sustainable farming in rural-urban transition areas
  • sustainable forests and forestry
  • telecommunications and rural development
  • the role of social capital in successful economic development
  • the role of the informal economy in rural livelihoods
  • energy conservation and low-income assistance programs

Graduate Faculty and Instructors

John Shingler, Ph.D. (Penn State) Research Associate, Co-Director of State Weatherization program Evaluation Project, CEDEV Graduate Program Coordinator and CEDEV Instructor

Charles W. Abdalla, Ph.D. (Michigan State) Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics

Theodore R. Alter; Ph.D. (Michigan State) Professor of Agricultural, Environmental, and Regional Economics

Daniel Azzara, Ph.D. (Penn State) Professor of Agribusiness

David Blandford, Ph.D. (Manchester) Professor of Agricultural Economics

Kathryn Brasier, Ph.D. (Wisconsin-Madison) Associate Professor of Rural Sociology

Mark Brennan, Ph.D. (Penn State) Professor of Agricultural and Extension Education and Rural Sociology

Jeffrey Bridger, Ph.D. (Penn State) Senior Scientist and CEDEV Instructor

Judy Chambers (Penn State) Extension Educator and CEDEV Instructor

Michael Fortunato, Ph.D. (Penn State) CEDEV Instructor

Leland l. Glenna, Ph.D. (Missouri) Associate Professor of Rural Sociology and Science, Technology, and Society

Stephan J. Goetz, Ph.D. (Michigan State) Professor of Agricultural and Regional Economics

Clare Hinrichs, Ph.D. (Cornell) Associate Professor of Rural Sociology

Amanda Hope, Ph.D. (West Virginia University) CEDEV Instructor

Jeffrey Hyde, Ph.D. (Purdue) Professor of Agricultural Economics

Leif Jensen, Ph.D. (Wisconsin) Professor of Rural Sociology, Demography, and Sociology

Timothy W. Kelsey, Ph.D. (Michigan) Professor of Agricultural Economics

Diane K. McLaughlin, Ph.D. (Penn State) Retired Professor of Rural Sociology and Demography

Terence Milstead, Ph.D. (Florida State University) CEDEV Instructor

Frans Padt, Ph.D. (Radboud) Senior Lecturer and CEDEV Instructor

Carolyn Sachs, Ph.D. (Kentucky) Professor of Rural Sociology

Ann R. Tickamyer, Ph.D. (North Carolina-Chapel Hill) Professor of Rural Sociology

Bradley R. Woods, Ph.D. (Penn State) CEDEV Instructor and Education Specialist

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