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RN to BSN nurse
Bachelor of Science in


The RN to BSN program is 120 credits. To earn this Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you must successfully complete:

  • 42 prescribed core course credits
  • 45 General Education credits
  • 33 additional core credits (earned by portfolio verification for licensed RNs)

The degree's prescribed core courses focus on contemporary issues in the field of nursing. Subjects of study include anatomy, chemistry, data management, ethics, health assessment, human development and family studies, human resources management, microbiology, nursing research, nutrition, and sociology.

Some nursing courses are available in an accelerated seven-and-a-half-week format.

Course List - Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Program Requirements: 120 credits
You may transfer credits into this program from another accredited institution.
However, to earn this Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you must earn 36 of the last 60 credits from Penn State.

General Education: 45 credits
(20–22 of these 45 credits are included in the requirements for the major.)
(See General Education in the curriculum.)

Requirements for the Major: 92–93 credits
(This includes 20–22 credits of General Education courses.)

Electives: 2–5 credits

Courses that meet the General Education requirements for the degree
Title Abbreviation Credits
Mammalian Anatomy BIOL 129 (GN) 4 credits
Introductory Physiology BIOL 141 3 credits
Effective Speech CAS 100 (GWS) 3 credits
Chemical Principles I CHEM 110 (GN) 3 credits
Experimental Chemistry I CHEM 111 (GN) 1 credit
Rhetoric and Composition ENGL 015 (GWS) 3 credits
Effective Writing ENGL 202 (GWS) 3 credits
Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies HD FS 129 (GS) 3 credits
Elementary Microbiology MICRB 106 (GN) 3 credits
Elementary Microbiology Laboratory MICRB 107 (GN) 1 credit
Introductory Principles of Nutrition NUTR 251 (GHA) 3 credits
Psychology PSYCH 100 (GS) 3 credits
Introductory Sociology or Social Problems SOC 001 (GS) or SOC 005 (GS) 3 credits
Elementary Statistics STAT 200 (GQ) 4 credits
Courses that comprise credits earned by credit by portfolio assessment for RNs (33 credits)
Title Abbreviation Credits
Introduction to Pharmacological Concepts NURS 205 3 credits
Health: Introduction to Wellness NURS 215 3 credits
Health: Introduction to Illness NURS 225 3 credits
Health: Nursing Process NURS 230 4 credits
Nursing Care of Client through the Adult Life Span Requiring Medical Intervention NURS 301 4 credits
Nursing Care of the Elderly NURS 310 4 credits
Nursing Care of Young Adults NURS 320 4 credits
Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents NURS 406 4 credits
Mental Health Nursing NURS 420 4 credits
Prescribed Courses (22 credits minimum)
Title Abbreviation Credits
Introduction to Nursing Research NURS 200W 3 credits
Advanced Health Assessment for the Registered Nurse NURS 352 3 credits
Introduction to Nursing Informatics NURS 357 3 credits
Transition and the Professional Nursing Role NURS 390 3 credits
Family and Community Health Concepts NURS 417 4 credits
Health Concepts for Adults with Complex Health Care Needs NURS 465 3 credits
Integrated Concepts in Nursing Practice NURS 475 3 credits
Courses that meet the Supporting and Related Courses requirement (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Credits
Violence and the Impact on Society (Course development in progress) NURS 245 3 credits
Health and Environmental Sustainability NURS 325N 3 credits
Introduction to Forensic Nursing NURS 409 3 credits
Forensic Evidence Collection and Preservation NURS 410 3 credits
Seminar in Forensic Nursing NURS 411 3 credits
Organization and Administration for the Nurse Manager NURS 430 3 credits
Data Management for Nurse Managers NURS 431 3 credits
Nursing Management of Human Resources NURS 432 3 credits
Seminar for Nurse Managers NURS 433 3 credits
Trauma/Critical Care Nursing NURS 440 3 credits
Ethical Challenges in Health Care Informatics NURS 458 3 credits
Advanced Concepts in Clinical Nursing Informatics NURS 460 3 credits
Nursing Study in Specialized Setting NURS 495 1–9 credits
Independent Studies NURS 496 1–9 credits

Please note: Among the above degree requirements, students should incorporate at least 3 credits in U.S. cultures, 3 credits in international (IL) cultures, and 3 credits in writing across the curriculum courses. The above course list includes only courses offered by World Campus. An official degree audit or the recommended academic plan for this program may include additional course options and detailed requirements. All students are expected to complete at least 36 Penn State credits to earn this degree. Please consult an academic adviser for details.

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