SRAR Frequently Asked Questions

Is SRAR separate from my application?

You will submit SRAR as part of your application process. You may choose to submit the application itself first, and then return to complete SRAR at a later date, but your application will not be complete without submitting it, along with the rest of your materials.

Who is required to submit SRAR?

Initially, SRAR is expected of all first-year applicants. In time, transfer students will be required to submit SRAR. For now, those applicants will continue to provide high school and college transcripts as part of a complete application, as will international first-year students from South Korea.

Who exactly is considered a first-year applicant?

First-year applicants are those who have never taken college courses or taken less than 18 credits of college-level course work after high school at a regionally accredited institution.

Do I record my GED as SRAR?

An applicant who possesses a GED does not need to complete SRAR. These applicants will complete the existing Carnegie Unit portion of the application and should report all high school course work that was completed. GED applicants will also need to submit their final GED transcript.

What happens if I can’t remember, if I’m unsure how to complete a section, or if I make a mistake? Will my offer be canceled?

As with any applicant, good judgement will be followed by Penn State admissions staff as they validate the final transcripts and SRAR. Errors will occur, and every effort will be made to fairly judge intent. If it is determined that a student intentionally misrepresented their SRAR, at Penn State’s discretion, the student will be notified, and the offer of admission and/or academic schedule at Penn State will be canceled.

If a student makes an error on their SRAR prior to the application deadline, they should send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Update Grades.” This will allow us to re-open the students SRAR so that corrections may be made.

When will I submit my official transcripts?

If you receive an offer of admission to Penn State and accept the offer, you will be expected to submit your final high school transcript as soon as possible and prior to enrollment at the University.

What else do I need to provide?

In addition to the SRAR, you will need to complete and submit the application, pay the application fee, and submit transcripts from any college or university you have attended, regardless of the time that has passed, whether you believe they will transfer to Penn State or not, and regardless of the grades you earned.

How can I confirm that I did everything correctly?

Feel free to reach out to our World Campus Admission Services team at any time if you unsure. You can call, email [email protected], or live chat with us.