Benefits of the NFL Players Association Education Alliance with Penn State World Campus
Claim Your Tuition Reduction

Tuition Reduction

Penn State World Campus offers a tuition reduction to employees of our educational alliance partners, their spouses and legal dependents. This tuition reduction will be applicable to all undergraduate and graduate programs and courses offered by the World Campus.

Tuition Rates

Penn State's tuition rates vary by student level, program, residency, and primary campus location. If your primary campus location is not Penn State World Campus, the tuition reduction for World Campus courses will be calculated based on the World Campus tuition rate and not on your primary campus tuition rate.


Students must be currently employed by, or a current member of, a Penn State World Campus educational alliance partner or be the legally married spouse or legal dependent (per IRS publication 501 (PDF)) of an employee or member of a Penn State World Campus educational alliance partner. Students receiving similar Penn State institutional scholarships or grants may not be eligible for the tuition reduction and Penn State employees are exempt from eligibility. Submission of this form must be completed within 7 days from when you register for a course(s).

One-Time Form Submission

Once you've been accepted as a student of Penn State World Campus and have chosen your courses, you must submit the following Penn State World Campus Tuition Reduction Form prior to the start of your first semester and within 7 days from when you register for a course(s).