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Strategic Communications

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Learn to create powerful strategic communications through modern research techniques, messaging construction, and post-campaign analysis with the course work available through this online strategic communications degree program.
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How To Apply 

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120 Credits $620/$664 per credit

Costs and Financial Aid 

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Understand the Strategy Behind Communications — 100% Online Degree Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications explores a number of disciplines needed for developing and delivering effective content. These include generating an impactful and relatable message, selecting the best communication channels for proper message distribution, and evaluating communication efforts against established goals and benchmarks. You'll have the opportunity to study psychology, statistics, law, research, and other disciplines that can be used to build a strong foundation for effective communication for any company or organization.

If you're a professional who wants to advance your career in strategic communications or you are looking to change to a communication-related career, this program is designed for you. It's an ideal course of study if you want to work in a dynamic environment, gathering and analyzing information to create targeted, comprehensive communication strategies to advance your organization's objectives.

Your Strategic Communications Courses

In this 120-credit interdisciplinary program, you can develop and enhance these skills to help you become a strategic communicator:

  • complex problem-solving
  • oral, visual, and written communication
  • research and analytic techniques
  • goal-setting and evaluation methods
  • creative thinking
  • cultural and social awareness

The curriculum includes 35 required credits, plus an additional 3 credits of Strategic Communications course work that you will choose to personalize your education. You must also successfully complete 24 credits of Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements and 45 General Education credits.

Your Opportunities as a Strategic Communications Graduate

As a successful graduate, you can expand your career opportunities in a wide variety of fields involving communications and may have the opportunity to:

  • analyze and manage advertising, public relations, and integrated marketing communications efforts to ensure a positive public image of a company or brand
  • develop and maintain relationships and communication with an organization's stakeholders
  • cultivate an organization's image and reputation based on analysis of the political, economic, technological, media, and social environment to increase its revenues and foster goodwill
  • set goals and plan projects to help an audience retain your message
  • conduct organized communications campaigns to influence the public image of a person or an organization, or to promote a product or initiative with maximum efficiency

These skills and your ability to create, execute, and evaluate communication strategies can make you a valuable asset for businesses, corporations, government, and nonprofit organizations. Positions may include:

  • advertising and/or promotions manager
  • marketing manager
  • marketing communications manager
  • public relations specialist or manager
  • fundraising manager
  • media relations or communications worker
  • marketing or public relations associate
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