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Bachelor of Science in
Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management – Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management Option


The Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management – Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management option is a 120-credit program that offers a solid foundation in the management of private/commercial, nonprofit, and public sectors of recreation/leisure services. To earn this degree, you must successfully complete:

  • 67–74 credits in requirements for the major
    • 24 prescribed major credits
    • 25 prescribed option credits
    • 6–7 additional credits
    • 15–18 supporting courses and related areas credits
  • 45 General Education credits
  • 2–11 Elective credits
Prescribed Courses (24 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Leisure and Human Behavior RPTM 120 Leisure from historical and contemporary perspectives, including forces shaping leisure behavior, and relationships among leisure, the environment, and social institutions. 3 credits
Sustainability, Society, and Well-Being RPTM 220 Provides students with strong foundational knowledge about sustainability and how it relates to their career in recreation, park, and tourism management. 3 credits
Leadership and Group Dynamics in Recreation Services RPTM 236 Supervision in recreation services, including theories, strategies, group dynamics, applied leadership, and decision-making skills. 3 credits
Inclusive Leisure Services RPTM 277 Provides a review of leisure services and programs designed to be inclusive of individuals from underrepresented groups and an overview of professional, legal, and ethical issues. 3 credits
Political and Legal Aspects of Recreation Services RPTM 390 Examines the governmental systems that influence the delivery of recreational services. The formal structure of government is considered along with the day-to-day political processes that determine public policy.

Prerequisite: RPTM 120
3 credits
Marketing of Recreation Services RPTM 410 Theoretical/practical application of marketing/advertising strategies in the development/delivery of recreation services. 3 credits
Program Evaluation and Research in Recreation Services RPTM 433 Systematic, structured problem-solving process for decision-making in recreation and parks. Research techniques/evaluation procedures; quantitative, qualitative methodologies; deductive, inductive reasoning.

Prerequisites: RPTM 356, 3 credits in statistics
3 credits
Programming in Recreation Services RPTM 456 Provides information and practical experience required to successfully design, promote, implement, and evaluate programs and special events. 

Prerequisites: RPTM 120, RPTM 236
3 credits
Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management Option Prescribed Courses (25 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Introduction to Recreation Services RPTM 101 Introduction to discipline and exploration of professional career models/paths, historical development of profession, expectations and opportunities in recreation services. 3 credits
Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism RPTM 210 Highlights the various roles that commercial recreation and tourism play locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. The course then shifts to focus on managerial considerations for practitioners in the field. 3 credits
Tourism and Leisure Behavior RPTM 300 Examines the impact of recreational sociocultural, governmental, economic, and physical environment on the leisure traveler within the tourism industry. 3 credits
Orientation to Internship RPTM 394 Plan and prepare for an internship in recreation services. Analyze career opportunities, internship process, and associated requirements.  1 credits
Commercial Recreation Management RPTM 415 Planning, developing, and managing profit-oriented recreation opportunities.

Prerequisites: RPTM 210 and RPTM 410
3 credits
Internship in Recreation Services RPTM 495A Meet educational objectives through participation in an organized practical experience.

Prerequisite: RPTM 394
12 credits
Additional Courses (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits

Communication and Information Technology I

CAS 283

Introduction to communication technology and information management. 3 credits

Introduction to Arena Management


Recreation Facilities Planning and Management

RPTM 370


RPTM 435

Introduction to arena and facilities management, including operations, budgeting, marketing, and staffing.


Planning and management of selected facilities with emphasis upon maintenance, activity, and support provisions.
3 credits
Supporting Courses and Related Areas (15-18 credits)
Description Credits
Consult with an adviser to review course recommendations, minors, and certificate programs. A minimum of 6 credits must be completed at the 400 level. 15–18 credits

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