Graduate Tuition

Tuition rates are assessed every semester of enrollment.

$1,236 per credit*

*includes information technology fee

Note: Starting with the Spring 2020 semester, Penn State will eliminate the information technology fee as a separate line item on the student bill and instead incorporate the fee as part of the tuition rate. This action will not impact overall cost.

The cost for the Online MBA program covers all tuition, residency lodging, and meals during the residency. Transportation to the residency is not included and is the responsibility of the student. There is no additional charge for non-Pennsylvania residents.

Scholarship Opportunities

A few highly competitive merit-based scholarships are available to Online MBA students who have demonstrated extraordinary personal, professional, or academic achievements, or the ability to contribute a unique perspective to the class. Students who have been accepted to the program are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. Because all applicants are automatically considered for a scholarship, you are encouraged to submit your completed application portfolio at least three months prior to the application deadline. Scholarship award decisions will be made by the Online MBA admissions committee.

Paying for Your MBA Education

Penn State offers many ways to pay for your education, including an installment plan and third-party payments. Additionally, World Campus offers an Employer Reimbursement and Tuition Deferment program. Please visit the Paying Your Semester Bill page of our student website for more details.