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Graduate Certificate in
Management Consulting


The Graduate Certificate in Management Consulting is a 9-credit online program designed to address the key issues, concepts, tools, and techniques associated with management consulting. As a student, you will explore a variety of relevant topics, including:

  • industry best practices
  • engagement management
  • consulting agreements and contracts
  • common frameworks and analytical tools
  • client communication approaches and tools

Courses are delivered completely online and are asynchronous. This means you are not required to log in at a particular time each week. You also have the flexibility to start and complete weekly assignments when and where it’s convenient for you. Some courses may offer optional synchronous sessions throughout the semester for those students who prefer a higher level of engagement. Attendance and participation in these synchronous sessions are not required.

Students will take two required courses and then select a third course from a list of electives maintained by the college. 

Course List - Graduate Certificate in Management Consulting

Required Courses (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Business Transformation Consulting MGMT 880 Provides an understanding of key issues, concepts, and methodologies associated with business transformation and management consulting; Helps students identify and define organization problems, highlight pain points, map work flows, explore business models, investigate strategic alignment, develop recommendations, present business cases, and deliver prototype solutions. 3 credits
Management Consulting Methods and Practice MGMT 885 Explores the methods and tools commonly used in the practice of management consulting and is intended for students interested in working in this field or working in organizations that hire management consultants. 3 credits
Elective Courses (select 3 credits)**
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Negotiation Theory and Skills BA 805 Delivers an overview of the difference between traditional (distributive) bargaining and interest-based (or integrative) negotiations; learn to identify their own and others' interests, to create and claim value, and to craft constructive agreements for all parties. 3 credits
Strategic Business Architecture BA 809 Provides a concentrated and comprehensive approach to the practice of business architecture; focuses on business motivations, business operations and business analysis frameworks, and related networks that link these aspects of the enterprise together. 3 credits
Strategic Leadership BA 865 Presents a senior executive perspective on the key opportunities and challenges faced by business leaders; includes discussions on the changing context for setting strategy and leading organizations in an evolving business environment. 3 credits
Strategic Leading and Identity BA 888 Emphasizes identity issues that are critical to understanding individual and collective processes in organizational life. 3 credits
Business Modeling and New Venture Creation ENTR 502 Provides an overview of considerations related to launching a startup or a new venture within an existing organization, including competitors, best practices, project management, business models, team formation, financing, leadership, and exit plans. 3 credits
Emerging Trends, Technology, and Corporate Innovation ENTR 810 Explores emerging trends and disruptors in technology and industry that create new markets and influence decision making, product development, business models, and business practices associated with innovation. 3 credits
Corporate Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurial Methods ENTR 820 Explores the methods used to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in a corporate setting, with a special emphasis on how organizations foster creativity, innovation, and new venture creation. 3 credits
Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBADM 531 Understanding, exploring, and applying innovation-related concepts, principles, and practices to corporate environments involved with new venture creation and other contexts. 3 credits
Global Strategic Management MBADM 571 Integrating multiple functional business areas to resolve global business problems and improve organizational performance. 3 credits
Power and Influence MGMT 565 Aims to provide students with a toolkit that will allow them to diagnose individual and organizational source of power and influence as well as an array of tactics by which power and influence are wielded. 3 credits
Strategy Implementation and Organizational Change MGMT 831 Addresses the managerial challenge of strategy implementation, particularly by examining the organizational elements that must be drawn into line to support a strategy, as well as the immense difficulties of changing an organization. Accordingly, the course relies on two overarching frameworks. The first is a model of organizational alignment; the second is a model for managing the change process. 3 credits

**The above list of elective courses may change over time due to student demand and/or shifting trends in the industry.  

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