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Learn about Labor Relations and Human Resources

Penn State's Undergraduate Certificate in Labor and Human Resources examines the relationship between employers and employees in the context of labor/management and human resources policies and practices. It examines the law and policies surrounding these critical workplace subjects. This program can help you understand employment relationships in the workplace, as well as how to recognize and resolve employment issues. You can customize your course work by choosing from a variety of electives.

Why an Online Certificate at Penn State?

Comprehensive course work — The knowledge you gain in this program can immediately increase your understanding of workplace labor and human resource issues from the employee, labor union, and employer perspectives. Introductory course work includes the analysis of the employment relationship and the interrelated interests of management, workers, unions, and the public, as well as an examination of basic legal principles underlying the employment relationship.

Broaden your experience — Take 6 credits of electives in an area of your choice; some options include labor force issues of racial and gender inequality, labor relations in the public sector, or leadership in work settings. This certificate program can be used as an important first step in your education or as a recognized stand-alone credential. If you are interested in continuing your education, you can work with an academic adviser to determine how some of the credits earned in this certificate may be applied toward a degree, such as the Bachelor of Arts in Labor and Employment Relations. If you already have a degree, this certificate program is an excellent complement; it can provide you with the human resource fundamentals valued in virtually any industry.

Who Should Apply?

If you aspire to work in labor, human resources, or a related field, the certificate in Labor and Human Resources can help you acquire a foundation in a range of subjects, including employment law, collective bargaining, and human resource management, as well as issues with workplace ethics.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

By completing this program, you can be prepared for a variety of positions, including:

  • benefits associate
  • labor relations assistant
  • recruitment and placement assistant
  • human resources assistant

The Penn State Difference

In this program, you will have the opportunity to study with highly regarded faculty from Penn State's College of the Liberal Arts, one of the premier institutions in the world to study and work in the liberal arts disciplines.

Note: This program is under review for GI Bill® eligibility, and you may experience delays attempting to use GI Bill benefits toward this program until it has been officially approved.

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