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Labor and Human Resources employees
Undergraduate Certificate in
Labor and Human Resources


Applications are now being accepted for Penn State’s Undergraduate Certificate in Labor and Human Resources. This certificate provides students with foundational information regarding labor/management and human resources policies and practices. The courses are taught by Penn State faculty using Penn State World Campus’ online learning platform. Upon your successful completion of the program, Penn State will award you a Certificate of Academic Accomplishment.

Course List — Undergraduate Certificate in Labor and Human Resources

Required Courses (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Employment Relations LER 100 (GS) Introductory analysis of the employment relationship and the interrelated interests of management, workers, unions, and the public. 3 credits
Employment Relationship: Law and Policy LER 201 (GS) Examination of basic legal principles underlying the employment relationship, and their social, political, and economic bases. 3 credits
Elective Courses (choose 6 credits from the following)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Human Resources Fundamentals LER 305

This course will help students understand the manner in which employees and employers interact at work.

Prerequisite: LER 100

3 credits

Labor and Employment Relations Fundamentals

LER 304

The course surveys the main elements of modern labor and employment relations systems in the U.S. and beyond.

Prerequisite: LER 100

3 credits

Comparative Employment Relations Systems

LER 400 Analysis of structure and elements of employment relations systems in developed and developing areas.  3 credits

International Human Resource Studies

LER 403 Course exploring human resource management from an international perspective. 3 credits

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