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Graduate Certificate in
Hospital and Health System Preparedness

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New online course engages middle, high school students in 'The Science of COVID'

Through short lectures and online tools, users can develop a better understanding of how pandemics are studied, modeled, prepared for, and mitigated. Learn more about how this free course is preparing students for the future.

Public health preparedness master's students take on COVID-related projects

During the COVID-19 pandemic students in health-related fields across the country saw topics from their courses and training become a reality. Learn how two student turned their classroom experience into real world change. 

This student’s job: Get PPE to agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Luci Labriola-Cuffe responded to a call of desperation to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in Westchester County. Hear how her time at Penn State World Campus helped prepare her for the challenge. 

Former geophysicist plans to implement his education to improve Nigeria's emergency management systems

After a catastrophic event, Abiodun Awoyemi chose to pursue the Penn State World Campus degree in homeland security to improve emergency management to create a safer environment in Nigeria. Learn more about Awoyemi's story.

Nursing professional uses homeland security degree to help her community

Shelley Haffner, the infectious disease manager for Penn State's University Health Services, identified the need for a local infectious disease response plan thanks to her studies in the public health preparedness option of the master's in homeland security. Read Shelley's story on Penn State News.

CNN interview with Penn State professor

Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, Penn State assistant professor in homeland security (public health preparedness option), is interviewed by CNN about the preparedness of U.S. hospitals in treating Ebola. Watch the CNN video.

Ebola outbreak shows need for education in public health preparedness

Penn State professor Eugene Lengerich and a recent graduate of the public health preparedness graduate program discuss the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the importance of the education and training that people need to respond to global health crises. Read the full story on Penn State News.

PHP Graduate Spotlight

Penn State World Campus graduate Charlotte Roy used the skills she acquired in the Homeland Security program to assist in the recovery efforts after the Boston Marathon bombing. Read More About Charlotte Roy's Experience.

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