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Bachelor of Science in
Energy and Sustainability Policy

Program Summary

Build strong science, business, and analytical skills as you learn to conduct critical analysis of energy management and sustainability policy and its impact on the environment in this online degree program.
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How To Apply 

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120 Credits $620/$664 per credit

Costs and Financial Aid 

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Bachelor of Science in Energy and Sustainability Policy

Modern society is faced with the challenge — and opportunity — of balancing global energy demand with availability. Accomplishing that goal while staying within the planet's ecological boundaries is a critical task. The Bachelor of Science degree in Energy and Sustainability Policy (ESP) can prepare you for careers in the rapidly evolving energy and sustainability policy sector, especially where strong science, business, and analytical skills are required.

As a student in the program, you can:

  • acquire multi-faceted knowledge (societal, economic, and technical) of both conventional and renewable energy use and its environmental implications
  • gain valuable analytical and communication skills
  • foster strong collaboration skills needed to facilitate stakeholder interactions on matters associated with energy, sustainability, and related policies
  • develop ethics and leadership skills needed to navigate the complexities of energy and sustainability management

As a graduate of the program, you may work with a variety of organizations, advocacy groups, commercial firms, or regulatory bodies on projects related to energy project development; energy policy planning, analysis, and implementation; energy efficiency and waste reduction initiatives; environmental assessments; regulatory compliance; stakeholder communications; and more.

The Penn State Difference

The ESP program at Penn State is one of the few online programs in the country that focuses specifically on policy within the realm of energy and sustainability. Our program is all-inclusive, covering all forms of energy with policy serving as the program's nexus.

In addition to instilling a strong sustainability ethic, we integrate an international perspective into the program, so you can gain knowledge of international, social, cultural, and political dimensions of energy and sustainability considerations on a global scale.

Your Online Bachelor of Science Curriculum

This interdisciplinary program, developed by industry experts and academic leaders in the field, integrates course work in energy sources, uses, and implications; sustainability principles and practices; and policy development and analysis. As a student, you will also gain knowledge in other relevant areas, including the fields of science, analysis, management, and leadership. Those students who aspire to conduct critical analyses of energy management and its environmental impact will find this degree particularly useful.

A Degree to Meet Your Needs: B.S. or B.A.

The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Energy and Sustainability Policy are both 120-credit programs, with the same General Education requirements and the same prescribed course work. In the B.S. program, students select additional course work in areas closely related to the major. In the B.A. program, the focus is expanded to allow students to select a foreign language and take supporting course work in global culture and humanities. In choosing which program best meets individual needs, students are encouraged to consider personal interests and strengths, professional aspirations, and plans for graduate school. For those with prior learning experience, the applicability of earlier course work to degree requirements may also be a consideration.

Military Grant-in-Aid Benefits for ESP Students

The Military Grant-in-Aid is an undergraduate program that brings our tuition rate closer to the Department of Defense cap, making a Penn State World Campus–quality education more affordable to our military students and spouses. More details, including Grant-In-Aid forms, can be found on the Military Grants and Scholarships page.

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