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Bachelor of Science in
Organizational Leadership


The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program requires that students complete a minimum of 123 credits. To earn this degree, you must successfully complete:

  • 64 credits required for the major
    • 34 prescribed core course credits
    • 30 supporting and related course credits
  • 45 general education credits
  • 14–18 elective credits

The degree's 34 credits of prescribed core courses focus on contemporary labor management and supervisory leadership issues. Many different course options are available to fulfill the remainder of the program, allowing you to customize the degree to meet your specific goals.

Online Learning Experience

Courses are structured to allow you to complete assignments when and where it's most convenient for you. While our 100% online courses are autonomous and asynchronous, you will have the opportunity to interact and engage with fellow classmates through integrated experiences. This peer-to-peer interaction enhances your learning experience while strengthening your professional network on a global scale. 

Course List - Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

A student enrolled in this major must receive a grade of C or better in all courses required for the major.

Prescribed Courses (34 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Organizational Communication CAS 352 This course examines the function and structure of communication in both formal and informal situations. 3 credits
Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy ECON 102
(formerly ECON 002)
Methods of economic analysis and their use; price determination; theory of the firm; distribution. 3 credits
Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy ECON 104
(formerly ECON 004)
National income measurement; aggregate economic models; money and income; policy problems. 3 credits
Introduction to Leadership OLEAD 100 This course introduces key leadership concepts and practices based on current theory and research. It is designed to help students to discover the knowledge and skills that are characteristic of effective leaders. 3 credits
Leadership Development: A Life-Long Learning Perspective OLEAD 409 The course examines the continuing influence of social and environmental factors in shaping leadership and leadership development.

Prerequisite: Sixth semester standing
3 credits
Communication Skills for Leaders in Groups and Organizations OLEAD/LHR 464 Theory-and research-based communication skills for leaders dealing with work-related problems in contemporary groups and organizations. 3 credits
Collective Decision Making OLEAD/LHR 465 Application of theories of decision making to work-related issues in groups and organizations requiring collective resolution action. 3 credits
Critical Thinking PHIL 010 Discussion of the validity, soundness, and fallacies of everyday language use and reasoning; informal logic; and manipulative arguments and propaganda. 3 credits
Introductory Psychology PSYCH 100 Introduction to general psychology; principles of human behavior and their applications. 3 credits
Industrial Psychology PSYCH 281 Personnel selection, training, accident prevention, morale, and organizational behavior.

Prerequisite: PSYCH 100
3 credits
Elementary Statistics STAT 200 Descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, probability, binomial and normal distributions, statistical inference, linear regression, and correlation.

Prerequisite: Math placement into MATH 021 or higher
4 credits

Supporting and Related Courses (30 credits)

Choose one of the courses from the Conflict Management table.

I. Conflict Management (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Credits
Conflict Resolution and Negotiation CAS 404

Prerequisite: CAS 100
3 credits
Workplace Dispute Resolution LHR 437

Prerequisite: LHR 100
3 credits

Choose one of the courses from the Research Methods table.

II. Research Methods (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Credits
Research Methods in Labor Studies and Employment Relations LHR 312 3 credits
Research Methods in Sociology SOC 207

Prerequisite: 3 credits in Sociology
3 credits

Choose one of the courses from the Motivation table.

III. Motivation (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Credits
Leadership and Motivation MGMT 321

Prerequisite: B A 304 or MGMT 301
3 credits
Work Attitudes and Motivation PSYCH 484

Prerequisite: PSYCH 100, PSYCH 200 or STAT 200 or 6 credits of GQ
3 credits

Choose one of the courses from the Ethics table.

IV. Ethics (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Credits
Human Resources Ethics LHR 460

Prerequisite: Take one of the following courses: ARMY 402, H P A460, HM 466, MGMT 341, MGMT 441, NAVSC402, NURS 432, PSYCH281, 3 credits in Labor and Employment Relations (LHR), or Human Resources and Employment Relations (HRER)
3 credits
Ethical Leadership PHIL 119 3 credits
400-Level Supporting Courses (Choose 15 credits)
Abbreviation Credits
CAS 404, 452, 475 3 credits each
CRIM 482 3 credits
LHR 400, 434, 435, 437, 458Y, 460 3 credits each
PL SC 490 3 credits
PSYCH 484, 485 3 credits each
SOC 404, 455, 456 3 credits each
Additional Supporting Courses (Choose 3 credits)
Abbreviation Credits
CAS 404, 452, 475 3 credits each
CRIM 100, 113, 482 3 credits each
LHR 100, 136, 201, 312, 400, 434, 435, 437, 458Y, 460 3 credits each
MGMT 321 3 credits
PHIL 103, 119 3 credits each
PL SC 001, 490 3 credits each
PSYCH 484, 485 3 credits each
SOC 207, 404, 455, 456 3 credits each

Note: 4 of the 45 credits from the General Education section are included in the requirements for the major.

General Education (45 credits**)
Description Credits
Arts – GA 6 credits
Humanities – GH 6 credits
Health and Wellness – GHW 3 credits
Natural Sciences – GN 9 credits
Social and Behavioral Sciences – GS 6 credits
Writing and Speaking – GWS* 9 credits
Quantification – GQ* 6 credits
Integrative Studies (6 credits)***

*A student enrolled in this course must receive a grade of C or better.

**12 credits are included in the requirements for the major.

***This requirement only applies to students starting in summer 2018 or later. Learn more about the Integrative Studies options and consult your academic adviser when choosing courses to fulfill these requirements. Electives (14–18 credits)

Please note: Among the above degree requirements, students should incorporate at least 3 credits in US cultures, 3 credits in international (IL) cultures, and 3 credits in writing across the curriculum courses. The above course list includes only courses offered by World Campus. An official degree audit or the recommended academic plan for this program may include additional course options and detailed requirements. All students are expected to complete at least 36 Penn State credits to earn this degree. Please consult an academic adviser for details.

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