The certificate in labor studies and employment relations provides a foundation in industrial relations, including law, policy, and practices. The courses are taught by Penn State faculty using a combination of web and email resources as the delivery method. Applications are now being accepted for the certificate in labor studies and employment relations. Upon your successful completion of the program, a Certificate of Academic Accomplishment will be awarded.



Course List - Undergraduate Certificate in Labor Studies and Employment Relations 

Required Courses (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Employment Relations LER 100 (GS) Introductory analysis of the employment relationship and the interrelated interests of management, workers, unions, and the public. 3 credits
Employment Relationship: Law and Policy LER 201 (GS) Examination of basic legal principles underlying the employment relationship, and their social, political, and economic bases. 3 credits
Elective Courses (choose 6 credits from the following)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Seminar, Criminal Justice Agency Administration CRIM/CRIMJ 482 Relates organizational and public policy management approaches to police, courts, and correctional institutions.

Prerequisite: CRIM 100
3 credits
Race, Gender, and Employment LER/WMNST 136 (US) Industrial relations and legislative and policy responses to labor force issues of racial and gender inequality. 3 credits
Collective Bargaining and Contract Administration LER 434 Theory, practice, and economic impact of collective bargaining, including administration of the collective bargaining agreement.

Prerequisite: LER 100
3 credits
Labor Relations in the Public Sector LER 435 Analysis of labor relations problems in different areas of public employment.

Prerequisite: 3 credits in labor and employment relations.
3 credits
Leadership in Work Settings PSYCH 485 Review of research and application of behavior principles in the areas of management and supervision.

Prerequisite: PSYCH 281
3 credits

Note: Prerequisites listed may be waived by the course instructor if you can demonstrate the required level of competency.

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