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Homeland Security Rescue helicopter
Graduate Certificate in
Homeland Security


The 12-credit certificate in homeland security shapes leaders capable of preventing and responding to man-made and natural disasters. 

Course List - Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security 

Required Courses (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Fundamentals of Homeland Security and Emergency Management  HLS 811 Fundamentals of Homeland Security provides foundational knowledge about homeland security policy, strategy, organization, and legal issues in the U.S. context. 3 credits
Homeland Security and Defense in Practice HLS 812 This course analyzes, evaluates, and critiques homeland security plans in practice.  3 credits
Electives (Choose 6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Critical Infrastructure Protection HLS 475  This course provides knowledge about protection of critical infrastructure as an aspect of homeland security  3 credits
Comparative Homeland Security and Related Methods HLS 540 The course will address international cooperation in Homeland Security and compare select national approaches as well as teach related practical methods of analysis.

Prerequisites: HLS 801, HLS 803, HLS 805, and P ADM 802 (In certain cases, students may be eligible for a prerequisite waiver based on prior academic or professional experience.)
3 credits

Whole-Community Disaster Preparedness

HLS 558 Explores psychological impact of disasters and terrorist attacks on victims, families, rescuers, and society and methods of reducing negative effects. 3 credits
Strategic Planning and Organizational Imperatives in Homeland Defense and Security  HLS 804  The homeland security framework depends on strategic planning and organization. This course examines the key issues associated with these.  3 credits
Multifaceted Approaches to Homeland Security  HLS 813  Examination of the roles of the public and private sectors and the military in preparing, mitigating, and responding to disasters. 3 credits
Emerging Threats to Homeland Security  HLS 820 This course provides new insights of the emerging threats, disruptive technologies, and techniques for analyzing them to plan for the future of Homeland Security. 3 credits
Transnational Criminal Organization and HLS HLS 821 This course will provide an overview of transnational crime and its effects on homeland security. 3 credits
U.S. Military's Domestic Imperative: Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities  HLS 832  Provides an overview of the homeland defense mission and defense support of civil authorities during disasters, and the distinctions between the two.

Prerequisites: HLS 801
3 credits
U.S. Homeland Security Law HLS 875 This course assesses the controlling authorities that pertain to homeland security, from the U.S. Constitution to major federal statutes, court decisions, and executive directives.  3 credits

Global Strategic Management 


Managing and Leading People in Organizations




Integrating multiple functional business areas to resolve global business problems and improve organizational performance. 


Overview of human behavior in organizations, and implications for managing and leading individuals, teams, and organizations. 

3 credits

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