Diane Daddario, RN-BC, ANP-C, ACNS-BC, CMSRN

DNP, Wilkes University
MSN, Nursing, Bloomsburg University
BSN, Penn State

Dr. Diane Daddario is an instructor in nursing informatics, forensics, and transition, and the professional nursing role. She has more than 40 years of nursing experience in areas including adult health/medical-surgical, primary care, hospice, and behavioral health nursing — clinical practice and education, clinical bedside nurse, clinical nurse specialist, and nurse practitioner. She serves on the International Council of Nurses Advanced Practice Sub-Group on Communication and the Editorial Board of MedSurg Journal. She is also a peer reviewer for several other journals, and she serves on the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Scholarly Review Committee.

Mary Alyce Nelson, RN

DNP, Nursing, Penn State
MSN, Nursing, Bloomsburg University
BSN, Villa Maria College

Dr. Nelson is the coordinator of the Penn State World Campus RN to BSN program and assistant professor/undergraduate nursing coordinator at the University Park Campus of Penn State. Her specialty practice area is in mental health, and she continues to practice as a direct-care nurse. She has held various administrative roles in inpatient, outpatient, and educational settings, and her areas of expertise are mental health and health care leadership. Her research area of interest is alternative models of mental health treatment in rural outpatient clinics. She is active in volunteer activities and professional organizations in the community.