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engineering leadership innovation team meeting
Graduate Minor in
Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management


The Graduate Minor in Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management comprises four courses totaling 12 credits.

Required Courses (12 credits)

  • 3

    Covers the essential concepts and skills needed to make effective contributions on projects, on time and within budget.

    • Note

      Related courses may be substituted for ENGR 405. For a list of approved courses, contact the Engineering Leadership Development Office at ENGRleadershi[email protected].

  • 3

    Traditional and contemporary leadership theory is analyzed to determine effective strategies for leading projects and innovation within an engineering context.

  • 3

    Explores cultural differences and impact on business practices and team dynamics working on virtual project teams with global partner universities.

  • 3

    Develop competencies for leading new product/process development or participating in corporate spinouts using entrepreneurial skills within a corporation.

Master of Engineering Management Students

The Master of Engineering Management course list can be customized to allow students in the master's program to earn the Graduate Minor in Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management without taking on additional credits or costs.

  • Instead of MNGMT 511 and BADM 828, take ENGR 501 and ENGR 802 (year 1, semester 2).
  • Instead of SYSEN 530, take ENGR 804 (year 1, semester 3).
  • Master of Engineering Management students will take SYSEN 505 instead of ENGR 405. 

Course Availability

If you're ready to see when your courses will be offered, visit our public LionPATH course search (opens in new window) to start planning ahead.