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earth and sustainability trees
Bachelor of Arts in
Energy and Sustainability Policy


M.S., Atmospheric Science, Penn State
B.S., Meteorology, Northern Illinois University

Danny Brouillette is a research atmospheric and climate scientist in Michael E. Mann's research group. His education and experience touch on traditional meteorology (including weather forecasting), applied climatology, basic climate science, the paleoclimate of the Holocene, the impacts of climate change on society, and applied statistics

Ph.D., Geo-Environmental Engineering, Penn State
M.S., Geo-Environmental Engineering, Penn State
B.S., Geology, Moscow State University (Russia)

Dr. Mark Fedkin is an assistant teaching professor and lead faculty of the energy and sustainability policy program at Penn State. He is also a lead faculty in the renewable energy and sustainability systems graduate online program. He has worked for more than ten years for the Earth and Mineral Sciences Energy Institute, where he led experimental research on electrochemical energy systems and processes, including fuel cells, hydrogen technologies, electrophoresis, and corrosion in extreme environments. During his career as an experimentalist, Dr. Fedkin developed a number of methods and technologies for monitoring and sensing the environmental parameters in both simulated and natural settings.

M.S., Library Science, Clarion University
B.A., International Politics, Penn State

Karen Jensen is an instructor of Oil: International Evolution. She is experienced in modern politics surrounding the energy industry, with continual research on the industry, while striving to provide insights into the background of the petroleum industry to open discussion about modern energy issues.

M.A., Geography, University of Denver
B.S., Earth Science, Penn State

Daniel Kasper is an adjunct instructor in the energy and sustainability policy program. His teaching focus is on global energy issues, residential and commercial energy efficiency and conservation, political ecology, and general sustainability. The focus of his research and praxis is environmental and social justice, political ecology, energy efficiency and conservation, energy and sustainability policy, sustainable food production, and community gardening, with a particular focus on issues disproportionately impacting low income and otherwise marginalized communities.

M.S., Geography, Penn State
B.A., Environmental Studies and Geography, University of Pittsburgh

Brandi Robinson is an instructor for the energy and sustainability policy program as well as the renewable energy and sustainability systems master's program. She brings expertise in policy formation and analysis relative to carbon markets to her teaching, as well as local-scale greenhouse gas inventorying and mitigation strategy development.

MPS, Project Management, Penn State
B.S., Environmental Practice and Policy, Juniata College

Haley Sankey is an instructor and adviser for the energy and sustainability policy program, instructing EGEE 495: Internship Experience, EGEE 299: Foreign Studies, and EM SC 302: Orientation to Energy and Sustainability Policy. She also serves on the Commission for Adult Learners and the Student Engagement Network advisory board.

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