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Undergraduate Certificate in
Digital Arts


The online certificate program is a 15-credit program consisting of five 3-credit courses. The courses are offered in a time frame comparable to a traditional semester, with fixed start and end dates. The course content and activities are delivered in electronic format; access to the web is required in order to complete this program. Some of these courses may be taken to fulfill other requirements, e.g., students may take ART 010 and ART 020 individually as GA courses.

Course List — Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Arts 

Fundamental Course: Beginning Level (Choose 3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Introduction to Visual Studies ART 010 Introduction to visual studies; pictorial space and the principles of visual organization. 3 credits
Introduction to Drawing ART 020 Introductory experience in making of art through drawing media; designed for nonmajors seeking general overview of studio practice. 3 credits
Fundamental Course: Second Level (Choose 3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
2D Digital Arts & Computer Graphics DART 202 Introduces 2D digital imaging techniques and concepts for the production of original art and design using graphics software. 3 credits
3D Digital Art & Design Fundamentals DART 203 Introduces 3D foundational skills for producing images, videos, objects, and interactive real-time virtual spaces with 3D software. 3 credits
Animation Fundamentals DART 204 Introduces time-based animation fundamentals along with core skills and knowledge necessary for producing animated work. 3 credits
Web Design and Visual Web Development DART 206 Introduces essential techniques and concepts of modern web design, focusing on how visual graphics and layout contribute to user experience. 3 credits
Prescribed Courses (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Introduction to Digital Art and Design Criticism ART 211Y

An introduction to the language, aesthetics, and cultural impacts of digital art and design in contemporary society.  

NOTE: Though ENGL 15 isn't a prerequisite for ART 211Y, this course is writing-intensive and students should be comfortable in their writing before taking the course.
3 credits
Digital Portfolio Elements DART 300 An intermediate level studio course in which students develop digital art and design work that promotes creative thinking and problem-based learning in producing digital media projects to be included in their digital portfolio.

Prerequisite: DART 202 or DART 203 or DART 204 or DART 205 or DART 206
3 credits
Portfolio Design and Professional Practices DART 412 This course emphasizes the development of presentation skills for digital artists in audience/client interactions. 

Prerequisite: DART 300
3 credits

Note: Students need to earn at least a C grade in each course taken to be eligible for the certificate.

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