Graduate Tuition

2020–21 Academic Year Rates
How many credits do you plan to take per semester? Cost
11 or fewer $1,121 per credit
12 or more (full-time credit load) $13,452

Tuition rates are for the 2020–21 academic year and are assessed every semester of enrollment.

For the course SCM 530 there is an additional residency fee.

Fee: $1,025

Note: A fee of $1,025 is collected for SCM 530 for costs associated with the residency such as, campus lodging, meals, and program materials. Students are responsible for their own travel to and from campus.

Financial Aid and Military Benefit Opportunities

Some students may qualify for financial aid. Take the time to research financial aid, scholarships, and payment options as you prepare to apply. Military service members, veterans, and their spouses or dependents should explore these potential education benefits and financial aid opportunities, as well.