Graduate Tuition

Tuition rates are for the 2019–20 academic year and are assessed every semester of enrollment.

  • If you are taking fewer than 12 credits per semester: $1,121 per credit*
  • If you are taking 12 or more credits per semester (flat rate): $13,452*

*includes information technology fee

Note: Starting with the Spring 2020 semester, Penn State will eliminate the information technology fee as a separate line item on the student bill and instead incorporate the fee as part of the tuition rate. This action will not impact overall cost.

If you plan to pay for your degree with federal and/or private student loans, please contact the World Campus Office of Student Aid at [email protected] for additional information as to how the academic sequence of this program affects aid processing and your in-school deferment.

For the course SCM 530 there is an additional residency fee.

Fee: $1,025

NOTE: A fee of $1,025 is collected for SCM 530 for costs associated with the residency such as, campus lodging, meals, and program materials. Students are responsible for their own travel to and from campus.