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The Master's in Taxation program is designed specifically for online delivery, allowing you to earn a world-class degree suited to your busy lifestyle. With our convenient online platform, 24/7 technical support, and personal advising, you can achieve your educational goals without having to put your life on hold.

All courses are asynchronous, meaning you are not required to log in at a particular time each week. Optional synchronous discussions for Smeal-developed courses will be available for those students who prefer a higher level of engagement.

You can complete this master's degree online on a part-time basis in as little as 21 months.

Multi-Credentialing for Faster ROI

Many courses in the master’s program may be double counted toward requirements for one or more graduate certificates. This allows you to add a respected credential to your resume faster, and begin to recoup your educational investment sooner. The following certificates may be earned while in pursuit of your degree – in some cases with taking little to no additional coursework.

  • 9-credit Graduate Certificate in Taxation
  • 9-credit Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics
  • 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Accounting Foundations

A separate application and program acceptance are required for each credential. Please consult with a program representative for full details. Email us at [email protected].

Course List – Master's in Taxation

Required Courses (21 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Taxation ACCTG  812 Delivers an overview of U.S. Federal Tax with a focus on taxation of individuals, corporations, flow-through entities, and property transactions; students learn to recognize major tax issues, with an emphasis on understanding how they impact economic decision-making. 3 credits
Corporate Taxation and Financial Reporting ACCTG  522 Focuses on the tax law treatment of corporate formations, operations, distributions, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as accounting for income taxes. 3 credits
Survey of Tax Topics ACCTG  823 Provides a survey of the law defining the taxation of pass-through entities including partnerships, S-corporations, limited liability companies, and trusts. 3 credits
Tax Law and Policy ACCTG  801 Delivers an overview of domestic and international tax policy issues by examining applicable tax reforms, theories of tax law, and interdisciplinary topics; the course will focus on the taxation of individuals including applicable requirements, deductions, and consequences. 3 credits
International Taxation ACCTG  826* Explores the U.S. federal income tax system as applicable to international taxation and its effects on individual and organizational decision-making; students gain the knowledge to evaluate legal jurisdiction, residency, and income sourcing, along with planning to optimize transfer pricing and income deferral. 1.5 credits
State and Local Taxation ACCTG  827** Provides students with an understanding of state and local taxation, including personal and corporate income tax, sales and use tax, and legal limitations to taxation. 1.5 credits
Topics in Corporate and Tax Law ACCTG  802 Explores tax issues faced by corporations as well as estate and gift taxation. Topics include mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, and corporate tax reforms. 3 credits
Tax Research & Analysis (Capstone Course) ACCTG  529 Provides a culminating experience for Master's in Taxation students, allowing them to apply knowledge learned in core tax courses to conduct and document in-depth legal research and analysis within the domain of tax law. 3 credits

Elective Courses (select 9 credits)

Students will complete 9 credits of elective courses. A list of elective courses approved to count towards the degree requirements will be maintained by the program office. This list may change over time in response to student feedback and market demand.

Business Analytics Elective Courses
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Prescriptive Analytics for Business BAN 550

Development of methods for prescriptive analytics with a focus on business supply-side decisions and risk mitigation.

Prerequisite: BAN 840
3 credits
Descriptive Analytics for Business BAN 830 Explores the use of descriptive analytics concepts, tools, and techniques throughout a wide range of business scenarios and problems. 3 credits 
Predictive Analytics for Business BAN 840

Explores the use of predictive analytics tools and techniques throughout a wide range of business scenarios and problems. Provides opportunities to perform spreadsheet- and programming-based data acquisition, cleaning, manipulation, and visualization.

3 credits
Accounting Elective Courses
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Auditing ACCTG 813

Principles of the risk-based approach to the audit of financial statements, with special focus on financial information systems.

Prerequisite: MBADM 811

3 credits
Managerial Accounting ACCTG 814 Examination of the internal organizational accounting procedures that establish accountability within organizations. 3 credits
Financial Accounting MBADM 811 Accounting rules, practices, and applications that characterize the accounting presentations that for-profit organizations provide to the public. 3 credits
Other Elective Courses
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Strategic Business Architecture BA 809 Focuses on the development and application of business architecture as a holistic discipline that produces a common understanding of the organization that is used to align strategic objectives and tactical initiatives. 3 credits
Business Transformation Consulting MGMT 880 Provides an understanding of key issues, concepts, and methodologies associated with business transformation and management consulting; helps students identify and define organization problems, highlight pain points, map workflows, explore business models, investigate strategic alignment, develop recommendations, present business cases, and deliver prototype solutions. 3 credits

*This course will be offered on an 8-week schedule in the first half of the semester in which it is offered.

**This course will be offered on an 8-week schedule in the back half of the semester in which it is offered.

Optional Global Immersion Experience

This learning experience is designed to enhance your ability to communicate cross-culturally, adapt to evolving business environments, and manage some of the key risks and benefits of operating on a global scale. The Global Immersion trip may include visits to corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities, as well as meetings with executives and government officials to learn about international business from those experiencing it firsthand in the country you are visiting.

The Global Immersion trip and corresponding course(s) will be offered each spring.* Please note that course work is required both before and after the trip. Online students may pursue the Global Immersion experience/courses in one of two ways:

  • Option 1: Take BA 836 for 1 credit in a spring semester. The 1-credit course will include the trip and associated pre/post-work. BA 836 would be an additional credit on top of the 30 required to graduate.
  • Option 2: Take BA 836 for 1 credit AND BA 835 for 2 credits during spring semester. Together, the 3 credits will involve more extensive course work in this subject area than just the 1 credit alone and will include the trip. The 3 combined credits for BA 835 and 836 may replace one 3-credit program elective course with approval. Please contact the program office with any questions.

We aim to have enough students across programs to allow students to choose from 3–4 locations each spring. Past trips for the full-time and executive students have included Johannesburg, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Prague, Czech Republic; and Santiago, Chile. The trip choices will be made by the program faculty directors based on global business climate, and corporate and alumni relationships, that will allow for the most fruitful experience. Please contact the program office at [email protected] for more details, including fee structure, upcoming dates, and locations. Please note that students pay course tuition as well as an additional trip fee to participate in the Global Immersion experience.


Course Availability

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