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Letters Arts and Sciences student
Associate in Arts in
Multidisciplinary Studies


The 60-credit Associate in Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies is an excellent way to build a solid educational base and expand your career options as a working adult. In this program, you can enhance your written and speech communication skills and broaden your understanding of many subjects. You may also use the elective requirements for the degree to focus on a particular area of interest, such as business, history, or math. In addition, students in this associate degree program have ample opportunity to earn one or more related professional certificates along the way. Just contact an adviser by email or by phone at 800-252-3592 to learn more about how to reach these impressive, résumé-building milestones on your educational path to an associate degree.

The Associate in Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies is a 60-credit online liberal arts program. To earn this degree, you must successfully complete:

  • 30 Requirements for the Major credits (Prescribed Courses)
  • 21 General Education credits
  • 15 Elective credits

The degree's 30 credits of major courses focus on writing and speaking skills, the arts, the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, and quantification. A student enrolled in this major must receive a grade of "C" or better in all courses required for the major.

Course List — Associate in Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies 

Prescribed Courses (30 credits) Required Grade of "C" or better
Title Credits
Effective Writing: Writing in the Social Sciences (ENGL 202A)
Effective Writing: Technical Writing (ENGL 202C)
Effective Writing: Business Writing (ENGL 202D)
3 credits
Any additional course designated arts (GA) 3 credits
Any additional course designated humanities (GH) 3 credits
Any additional course designated social and behavioral sciences (GS) 3 credits
Any additional course designated natural sciences (GN) 3 credits
Any combination of courses in ONE of the following areas: arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and quantification; one foreign language 9 credits
General Education (21–27 credits*)
Description Credits
Arts — GA 3 credits
Humanities — GH 3 credits
Natural Sciences — GN 3 credits
Social and Behavioral Sciences — GS 3 credits
Writing and Speaking — GWS, Require a grade of C or Better 3 credits
Quantification — GQ, Require a grade of C or Better 3 credits
Any General Education course, including Integrative Studies (Inter-domain or Linked courses) 3 credits
United States Cultures (US), or International Cultures (IL) or combined designation (US; IL) 3 credits*
Writing Across the Curriculum (W, M, X,Y) 3 credits*

*May be satisfied by designated courses that also meet other degree or General Education requirements.

Note: 6 of the 21 credits for General Education are included in the Requirements for the Major. This includes 6 credits of General Education GWS courses.

Elective Courses (15 credits)
Description Credits
Courses chosen in consultation with an adviser. 15 credits

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