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Master's in
Marketing Analytics and Insights


The Master’s in Marketing Analytics and Insights is a 30-credit online program that provides you with theoretical foundations, analytical tools, and critical thinking skills to efficiently apply data to make strategic marketing decisions.

All courses are asynchronous, meaning you are not required to log in at a particular time each week. Optional synchronous discussions will be available for those students who prefer a higher level of engagement.

Course List - Master's Degree in Marketing Analytics and Insights 

Required Courses (21 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Ethical Leadership BA 804 Enhances the student's ability to deal with the complexities of ethical and responsible decision-making in today's dynamic business environment by clarifying and applying personal values. 3 credits
Marketing in a Global Environment MBADM 821 Examines strategic issues in marketing, including analysis, planning, and implementation; gain hands-on experience in taking control of an enterprise operation involving marketing, production, and financial decision making at both the strategic and tactical levels. 3 credits
Marketing Analytics MKTG 540 Addresses the use of data and analytics for marketing decision-making by providing the student with skills to translate conceptual understanding into specific operational plans.

Prerequisite: MKTG 811
3 credits
Driving Business Success with Marketing Analytics MKTG 811 Focuses on the principles of applied marketing analytics, including marketing data sources, data quality, software, and fundamentals of statistics. Special focus on translating data into meaningful business insights and strategy. 3 credits
Evaluating Marketing Communications in the Digital World MKTG 812 Provides an introduction to data analytics for evaluating digital marketing communication, including assessment of mobile, website, and online shopper experiences; evaluation of digital campaigns, social media monitoring, and media mix modeling. 3 credits
Data-Driven Customer Acquisition and Retention  MKTG 813 Covers data analytics to strategically drive targeting, acquiring, developing relationships with, and retaining customers.

Prerequisite: MKTG 811
3 credits
Analytics for Brand Management and Customer Experience MKTG 814 Emphasizes analytics that addresses key marketing challenges, including brand positioning and differentiation, pricing and product strategy, brand equity, and customer satisfaction

Prerequisite: MKTG 811
3 credits
Culminating Capstone Experience (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Marketing Data Integration to Create Consumer Insights - Culminating Capstone Experience  MKTG 515 Explores methods for integrating and visualizing marketing-related data from disparate sources, such as industry data, CRM and sales data, Google Analytics, social media, and consumer surveys. 3 credits
Electives (choose 6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Strategic Business Architecture BA 809

Provides a concentrated and comprehensive approach to the practice of business architecture; focuses on business motivations, business operations and business analysis frameworks, and related networks that link these aspects of the enterprise together.

3 credits
Descriptive Analytics for Business BAN 830 Explores the use of descriptive analytics concepts, tools, and techniques throughout a wide range of business scenarios and problems. 3 credits
Prescriptive Analytics for Business BAN 550

Development of methods for prescriptive analytics with a focus on business supply-side decisions and risk mitigation.

Prerequisites: BAN 840
3 credits
Business Modeling and New Venture Creation ENTR 502 Focuses on the process of launching a new venture, in a corporate setting or as a new startup, including identifying a problem or market opportunity, developing business models, forming a team, financing, analyzing markets, assessing the competitive environment, and planning to acquire leadership talent. 3 credits
Emerging Trends, Technology, and Innovation ENTR 810 Surveys emerging trends and disruptors in technology and industry that create new markets and influence decision making, product development, business models, and business practices associated with innovation.  3 credits
Corporate Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurial Methods ENTR 820 Explores the methods used to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in a corporate setting, with a special emphasis on how organizations foster creativity, innovation, and new venture creation. 3 credits
Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBADM 531 Understanding, exploring, and applying innovation-related concepts, principles, and practices to corporate environments involved with new venture creation and other contexts. 3 credits
Global Strategic Management MBADM 571 Integrating multiple functional business areas to resolve global business problems and improve organizational performance. 3 credits
Managing and Leading People in Organizations MBADM 816 Overview of human behavior in organizations, and implications for managing and leading individuals, teams, and organizations. 3 credits
Financial Management MBADM 820 Application of techniques available to aid managers in sound financial decision making. 3 credits
Data Collection for Business Research MKTG 597 Prepares students with the knowledge and skills to gather data that is credible, targeted, and actionable; covers techniques and tools for gathering quantitative and qualitative data, including sampling, questionnaire design and administration, experiments for ad and product testing, and interview guides for focus groups. 3 credits
Supply Chain Management SCM 800 Introduction to the core concepts of the strategic supply chain management framework, including process orientation, a systems viewpoint, intra-firm coordination, and extended enterprise collaboration. 3 credits

Optional Global Immersion Experience

This learning experience is designed to enhance your ability to communicate cross-culturally, adapt to evolving business environments, and manage some of the key risks and benefits of operating on a global scale. The Global Immersion trip may include visits to corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities, as well as meetings with executives and government officials to learn about international business from those experiencing it firsthand in the country you are visiting.

The Global Immersion trip and corresponding course(s) will be offered each spring.* Please note that course work is required both before and after the trip. Online students may pursue the Global Immersion experience/courses in one of two ways:

  • Option 1: Take BA 836 for 1 credit in a spring semester. The 1-credit course will include the trip and associated pre/post-work. BA 836 would be an additional credit on top of the 30 required to graduate.
  • Option 2: Take BA 836 for 1 credit AND BA 835 for 2 credits during spring semester. Together, the 3 credits will involve more extensive course work in this subject area than just the 1 credit alone and will include the trip. The 3 combined credits for BA 835 and 836 may replace one 3-credit program elective course with approval. Please contact the program office with any questions.

We aim to have enough students across programs to allow students to choose from 3–4 locations each spring. Past trips for the full-time and executive students have included Johannesburg, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Prague, Czech Republic; and Santiago, Chile. The trip choices will be made by the program faculty directors based on global business climate, and corporate and alumni relationships, that will allow for the most fruitful experience. Please contact the program office at [email protected] for more details, including fee structure, upcoming dates, and locations. Please note that students pay course tuition as well as an additional trip fee to participate in the Global Immersion experience.

Course Availability

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