You can obtain the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Information and Security Technology Architecture as a stand-alone certificate or as a step-up program to completing the online Master of Professional Studies in Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation. If you apply and are accepted into the master's degree program, the 9 credits you earn in the certificate may be applied toward the master's degree.

Course List - Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Information and Security Technology Architecture 

Required Courses (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Enterprise Information Technology Architecture EA 874 Theoretical foundations and practice of the enterprise information technology architecture.

Prerequisite: EA 871*
3 credits
Architecting Enterprise Security and Risk Analysis EA 876 Analytical skills to produce credible, meaningful answers to critical risk management questions across enterprise architecture layers, including the supply chain.

Prerequisite: EA 871*
3 credits
Network Management and Security IST 554 Essential skills and knowledge for effectively utilizing networks and Internet technologies to facilitate, manage, and secure data communications and applications. 3 credits

*waived for this certificate only

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