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Master of Professional Studies in
Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation

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Learn to link business strategy with tactical execution by gaining an interdisciplinary background in business, engineering, information sciences, and project management. This online master's program was created with the help of industry leaders, government, and corporations.
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33 Credits $1,007 per credit

Costs and Financial Aid 

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Leverage Technology, Understand Strategy, and Transform Business — Online

Companies today face increasing pressure to maximize technology investments amidst digital disruption. Enterprise architecture and business transformation's (EABT) solution is to transform business vision and strategy into effective organizational change. The path from the current to desired future enterprise state is derived from strategic organizational/technological analysis. EABT improves organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and agility by delivering holistic business-aligned and digitally-focused systems.

Enterprise architecture continues to evolve from its roots in information technology management to a strategic discipline for the entire enterprise by preparing experienced IT and enterprise architecture professionals for leadership in transformative business strategies. Enterprise architecture is recognized today as a critical enabler of business transformation and has evolved into a bridge that links business strategy with tactical execution.

The EA approach produces several things of value to the organization:

  • a clear understanding of the strategic requirements of the enterprise
  • models of the future state, which illustrate what the enterprise should look like across all viewpoints in support of the business strategy
  • a road map of the change initiatives required to reach that future state
  • the requirements, principles, standards, and guidelines that will steer the implementation of change initiatives

Why Enterprise Architecture at Penn State

The successful EABT professional needs to integrate strategic, business, and technological planning methods with an ability to understand, analyze, justify, and communicate the solution to enterprise architecture problems.

Penn State's Master of Professional Studies in Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation (MPS in EABT) program, offered online through Penn State World Campus, bridges many disciplines needed for success. The EABT degree is not focused solely on the technocentric side of enterprise architecture; it is an interdisciplinary degree that covers business and engineering, information sciences, and project/portfolio management, offering you a broader, more comprehensive perspective.

Earning your MPS in EABT online while you continue to work full-time offers you the unique advantage of applying knowledge as you learn. As a student in the MPS in EABT program, you can apply course concepts in your job immediately. This practical application improves the learning experience and allows you to provide value to your organization each day.

In addition to the master's degree program, World Campus offers a 9-credit Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Architecture and a 9-credit Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Information and Security Technology Architecture, composed of courses from the master's core curriculum. If you choose to begin with one of the certificate programs, the credits you earn may be applied to the MPS in EABT.

Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology is a leader among an emerging group in higher education known as i-schools, or information schools. Your faculty members in this online program are the same faculty who teach our respected on-campus programs. They are a diverse group of thought leaders from numerous fields, including but not limited to business, information science, computer science, engineering, psychology, chemistry, and artificial intelligence.

Who Should Apply?

The MPS in EABT is a unique program designed for experienced professionals currently working in the IT field who are responsible for, or who will be responsible for, business strategy and vision. A successful applicant will have a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience and a bachelor's degree in information technology, business, or engineering; bachelor's degrees from other disciplines may also be accepted, depending on professional experience. The courses are offered in a flexible, online delivery format to meet the needs of postgraduate students who are employed full-time and unable to re-locate to earn advanced academic credentials.

The program provides a comprehensive educational experience in the principles and practice of enterprise architecture (EA) and integrates both business and enterprise technical knowledge. The program includes courses in enterprise architecture foundations, business architecture, information technology architecture, enterprise security and risk architecture, organizational leadership, strategic management, and financial management. If you want to enhance your professional competencies, advance your career, and position yourself to take on greater roles, the MPS in EABT is an excellent choice for you.

Career Opportunities

One of the many advantages of enterprise architecture is its application to a host of positions and opportunities. Although enterprise architecture is seen in many organizations, EABT is responding to a rapid change in business demands on technology and many career paths are emerging. EABT professionals are found in all types of organizations and industries, including:

  • federal government
  • defense
  • aerospace
  • health care
  • insurance
  • financial services
  • pharmaceuticals
  • telecommunications
  • consulting
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