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Master of Professional Studies in
Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation


M.S., Business Technology, Marymount University
B.S., Industrial Management, Carnegie Mellon University

Mr. Neil Efrom is the acting co-department head for MITRE's Enterprise Transition Planning and Execution department. He has more than 25 years of experience in business process re-engineering and enterprise architecture projects for commercial companies and government organizations. Mr. Efrom teaches IST 421: Advanced Enterprise Integration: Technologies and Applications; EA 872: Enterprise Architecture Foundations II; and EA 873: Enterprise Modeling.

Ph.D., Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State
MBA, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Penn State
B.A., General Arts and Science, Penn State

Dr. Edward J. Glantz, P.E., has been with the College of IST faculty since 2009. Prior to joining IST, Dr. Glantz served 10 years as a faculty member of Penn State's Smeal College of Business. His career spans more than 20 years of managing technology, research, and marketing in the manufacturing and telecommunication industries, including startup work. Dr. Glantz teaches EA 876: Architecting Enterprise Security and Risk Analysis and IST 815: Foundations of Information Security and Assurance.

Ph.D., Organization and Management, Capella University
M.A., Computer Resource Management, Webster University
B.A., Communications, University of Alabama

Dr. Carla D. Kendrick is an adjunct instructor with the Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology. She is also a principal enterprise architect with The MITRE Corporation. Her career spans more than 37 years of providing advice and guidance for senior executives in establishing and using enterprise architecture (EA), systems engineering principles, management strategies, strategic planning, organization management, and program management. Dr. Kendrick teaches EA 872: Enterprise Architect Foundations II and EA 873: Enterprise Architecture Modeling.

Ph.D., Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State
M.S., Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State
MLS, Library and Information Sciences, Pratt Institute School of Information
B.A., Library Science and Bibliography, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts

Dr. Anna Levy has been an instructor for the College of IST and World Campus since 2014. Prior to joining IST, Dr. Levy served 8 years as an adjunct faculty member of Queen College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies (CUNY). Her career spans more than 30 years of conducting library and academic research, including work as a reference librarian and a bibliographer. Dr. Levy’s primary research interests include e-government research at the municipal level, public administration, and town-gown relations, particularly focusing on the analysis of the impacts of social media and mobile technology on local governance in the information age. She teaches IST 594: Research Topics and EA 594: Research Topics.

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