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Master of Professional Studies in
Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation


The MPS in EABT program offers you a comprehensive education in the principles and practice of enterprise architecture by integrating strategic, business, and technology planning methods. You can acquire the ability to understand, analyze, justify, and communicate solutions throughout your course of study, and you can complete the 33-credit online master's degree program in as little as two years on a part-time basis.

The required course of study includes:

  • enterprise architecture foundations
  • enterprise architecture tools and practices
  • enterprise modeling
  • enterprise information technology architecture
  • enterprise architecture leadership and decision making
  • project and portfolio management
  • understanding complex organizations
  • cost and value management
  • corporate, business, and project strategy

Electives courses are available in:

  • business architecture
  • project management
  • security architecture
  • supply chain

Up to 10 graduate credits may be transferred into the program from an accredited institution (as permitted by the Graduate School). At least 18 credits must be in courses at the 500 or 800 level, with at least 6 credits at the 500 level. 

Please note that as per the Graduate School transfer credit policy, credits that have been applied toward the degree requirements for a previous degree, whether at Penn State or elsewhere, may not be applied to degree requirements for a graduate degree at Penn State. 

Course List - Master of Professional Studies in Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation 

Required Courses (24 required credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Enterprise Architecture Foundations I EA 871 Theoretical foundations and practice of enterprise architecture. 3 credits
Enterprise Modeling EA 873 Theoretical foundations and practice of enterprise modeling.

Prerequisite: EA 871
3 credits
Enterprise Information Technology Architecture EA 874 Theoretical foundations and practice of the enterprise information technology architecture.

Prerequisite: EA 871
3 credits
Architecting Enterprise Security and Risk Analysis EA 876 Analytical skills to produce credible, meaningful answers to critical risk management questions across enterprise architecture layers, including the supply chain.

Prerequisite: EA 871
3 credits
Managing and Leading People in Organizations MBADM 816 Overview of human behavior in organizations, and implications for managing and leading individuals, teams, and organizations. 3 credits
Financial Management MBADM 820

Application of techniques available to aid managers in sound financial decision making. 

Prerequisite: MBADM 811*
3 credits
Global Strategic Management MBADM 571 Integrating multiple functional business areas to resolve global business problems and improve organizational performance.  3 credits
Strategic Business Architecture BA 809 Provides a concentrated and comprehensive approach to the practice of business architecture; focuses on business motivations, business operations and business analysis frameworks, and related networks that link these aspects of the enterprise together. 3 credits

*waived for this degree only.

Elective Courses

Choose 6 credits only from the following:

Business Architecture
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Emerging Trends, Technology, and Corporate Innovation ENTR 810 This course explores emerging trends and disruptors in technology and industry that create new markets and influence decision. 3 credits
Project Management
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Project Management MANGT 510 A problem-based, interdisciplinary course in project management skills and techniques needed to manage projects in a modern business environment.  3 credits
Cost and Value Management MANGT 515 A problem-based course that emphasizes project cost control and teaches students to apply techniques to control projects in business.
Prerequisite or concurrent: MANGT 510
3 credits
Organizations MANGT 531 An examination of organizational theories and processes of organizational behavior. 3 credits
Strategy: Corporate, Business and Project MANGT 540 A problem-based course that focuses on linking projects to overall corporate strategy. 
Prerequisite or concurrent: MANGT 510
3 credits
Security Architecture
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Foundations of Information Security and Assurance IST 815 This course provides theoretical and applied foundations of information security and assurance. 3 credits
Network Management and Security IST 554 Essential skills and knowledge for effectively utilizing networks and Internet technologies to facilitate, manage and secure data communications and applications. 3 credits
Supply Chain
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Supply Chain Management SCM 800 Introduction to the strategic framework, issues, and methods for integrating supply and demand management within and across companies. 3 credits
Supply Chain Performance Metrics and Financial Analysis SCM 801 Performance metrics used in supply chain management, both within the enterprise and across the extended enterprise. 

Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in SCM 800
3 credits
Demand Fulfillment SCM 812 This course covers the forecasting and inventory management activities involved in the fulfillment of demand for finished goods.

Prerequisite: SCM 801
3 credits
Supply Management SCM 822 An overview of the strategic role that supply management has in effective supply, demand, and value chain operations.

Prerequisite: SCM 801
3 credits
Manufacturing and Service Operations Planning SCM 842

Planning strategies for managing manufacturing and service operations within supply chains.

Prerequisite: SCM 801

3 credits

Culminating Experience

Culminating Experience (3 required credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Research Paper or Project EA 594 Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small group basis.

Note: EA 594 must be scheduled over the final two semesters in a 2-credit/1-credit consecutive sequence for a total of 3 credits.
3 credits

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