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Undergraduate Certificate in
Earth Sustainability


The online Earth sustainability certificate is a 12-credit program of study that you may earn as a stand-alone certificate. To acquire this certificate, you must successfully complete the following 3-credit prescribed course, along with 9 credits chosen from the offerings within the additional courses section.

Course List — Undergraduate Certificate in Earth Sustainability 

Prescribed Course (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Earth in the Future: Predicting Climate Change and Its Impacts Over the Next Century EARTH 103N Climate predictions for the coming century are utilized to examine potential impacts on regions, sectors of society, and natural ecosystems. 3 credits
Additional Courses (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Climate, Energy, and Our Future EARTH 104N This course presents the past, present, and possible future response of Earth's climate to human energy use. 3 credits
Coastal Processes, Hazards, and Society EARTH 107N Outcomes include the processes responsible for formation, diversity, and evolution of coastal landscapes; socioeconomic and policy responses to changes in coastal regions. 3 credits
The Fundamentals of Shale Energy Development EARTH 109 Energy is a critical component of modern society, yet we face significant challenges associated with balancing energy demands, energy security, environmental sustainability, and stable economics with sound regulations and policy. Unconventional energy development from shale formations has been a game changer for the fossil fuel industry over the past decade and is projected to continue to grow over the next several decades. 3 credits
Water: Science and Society EARTH 111 Students will investigate water behavior and occurrence, and its relevance to life, human activities, politics, and society. 3 credits
Food and the Future Environment GEOG 3N Introduces students to the multiple connections of people and the environment through the dynamics of food and the places where it is produced, processed, and consumed. 3 credits

General Education Requirements

If you are pursuing a bachelor's degree from Penn State, these online courses may also satisfy certain individual General Education requirements. You should consult with your adviser to determine what, if any, credits earned in this certificate may be applied toward your degree completion requirements.

Course Availability

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