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Undergraduate Certificate in
Diversity Studies

Program Summary

Gain a greater understanding of ethical issues related to discrimination and intolerance, and learn to use that knowledge to help foster more inclusive policies and attitudes at organizations where you work or volunteer.
How To Apply
Apply by May 7 to start May 15

How To Apply 

Costs and Financial Aid

12 Credits $620/$664 per credit

Costs and Financial Aid 

What is Diversity Studies?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Diversity Studies offered online through Penn State World Campus explores social difference and inequality related to gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, aging, religion, and disability. It focuses on human experiences — how we view the world around us, the opportunities presented to us, and the people that surround us. This online diversity studies certificate will encourage you to expose, critique, and confront historical and contemporary sources of social inequality.

Why Diversity Studies at Penn State?

The 12-credit Undergraduate Certificate in Diversity Studies will encourage reflection on the ethical challenges that arise when we become aware of how privilege, power, and differences are embedded in our world and daily lives. The aim is to move the discourse away from mere tolerance, celebration, or appreciation to a deeper understanding and critique of discrimination, intolerance, and inequality in the historical and contemporary global society.

Your Online Diversity Studies Course Work

In this 12-credit online program, you will explore the differences and the similarities we share with others in our diverse society. By acquiring a deeper understanding of cultures and human interaction, you can lay the groundwork for better communication and enhanced relationships in all facets of your life. 

Who Should Apply?

You can benefit greatly from this program if you want to:

• translate your curiosities, experiences, passions, and interests into actionable and meaningful work
• seek out inclusive environments, with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and races, and better understand their points of view
• delve more deeply into the subjects of gender equity, human rights, and social justice
• explore how gender and sexuality play a role in culture, the arts, health, politics, the sciences, and education
• become a change agent in your community

Career Opportunities

You can leverage your understanding of and respect for diversity in almost any industry, but will find these skills specifically applicable in fields including human resources, social welfare, education, and health and medicine.

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