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Diversity Studies students
Undergraduate Certificate in
Diversity Studies


The online certificate program is a 12-credit program consisting of four 3-credit courses. The courses are offered in a timeframe comparable to a traditional semester, with fixed start and end dates. The course content and activities are delivered in electronic format; access to the web is required in order to complete this program. 

Course List — Undergraduate Certificate in Diversity Studies 

Prescribed Course
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Living in a Diverse World WMNST 105N Use literature, film, and scholarly texts to explore how conceptions of social difference, such as those linked to categories of gender, race, sexuality, class, ethnicity, and disability, shape society and everyday interactions historically and today. 3 credits
Additional Courses (Select 3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Living While Black: Themes in African American Thought and Experience AFAM 100 Explore what it means to be Black in America by engaging with questions about identity and authenticity, freedom and unfreedom, radicalism and reform, gender and sexuality, and the role of music in African American life. 3 credits
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies WMNST 100 Review scholarly theories and research pertaining to women’s experiences and women’s status in contemporary American society. 3 credits
Representing Women and Gender in Literature, Art, and Popular Cultures WMNST106N Explore scholarly theories and research pertaining to women and gender while experiencing examples of contemporary women’s creative practice through the visual arts, media, and popular culture. 3 credits
Introduction to LGBTQ Studies WMNST/ENGL 245 Learn about the dominant themes in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies, with an emphasis on both literary and cultural studies. This course explores the history of modern, Western ideas about sexual identity as manifested in literature, theatre, film, and other narrative forms of popular culture. 3 credits

Supporting Courses

Select 6 credits from the following;
AFAM 409 (3),/SOC 409 (3); AFR 110 (3); AMST 140 (3); ANTH 1 (3); ANTH 45 (3); ANTH 146 (3); ASIA 100 (3); BBH 302 (3); BBH 315 (3); CAS 271 (3); CAS 426 (3); CAS 455 (3); CAS 475 (3); CMLIT 10 (3); CMLIT 153 (3); COMM 205 (3); CRIM 201 (3)/SOC 201 (3); CSD 269 (3); FR 139 (3); HDFS 249 (3); HDFS 250 (3); HDFS 454N (3); HIST 447 (3); HIST 479 (3); JST 10 (3); LER 136 (3)/WMNST 136 (3); LHR 410 (3); LHR/HISTR 458Y (3); OLEAD 410 (3); OLEAD 411 (3); PLSC 110 (3); RHS 100 (3); RHS 410 (3); RLST 1 (3); RPTM 120 (3); SOC 35 (3); SOC 119 (4); SOC 456 (3); SPLED 461 (3); WMNST 100 (3); WMNST 106N (3); OR WMNST 245 (3)/ENGL 245 (3))

Course Availability

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