Program Summary

Credits Required


Tuition per Credit


The Dispute Management and Resolution (DMR) minor offered online through Penn State World Campus can help you develop your critical thinking, conflict management, and communication skills. These skills are essential to both professional and managerial positions in nearly every field of study and practice. The minor’s flexibility in course selection provides the opportunity to develop skills appropriate to the management and resolution of problems created by differences in attitudes, beliefs, values, and behavioral preference. A minor in dispute management and resolution can help you develop as a professional in your major and your career.

Upon successful completion of the minor, you should be able to:

  • understand how conflict affects interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, and organizations
  • understand a variety of theoretical perspectives and models of conflicts
  • recognize strategies and tactics upon which you can draw for converting potentially destructive conflicts into constructive experiences
  • appreciate the circumstances under which relying on third-party intervention is preferable to self-management and what type of management is most appropriate

The minor is open to all interested undergraduate World Campus students who meet the prerequisites.