The 18-credit minor in dispute management and resolution is composed of two required courses, plus four additional courses selected from a list of available courses in consultation with an adviser. A grade of "C" or better is required in all courses that you take to fulfill requirements for the minor.

Course List - Undergraduate Minor in Dispute Management and Resolution 

Prescribed Courses (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Interpersonal Communication CAS 203 Exploration of competent communication and the skills necessary to manage personal and professional relationships. 3 credits
Employment Relations LER 100 Introductory analysis of the employment relationship and of the interrelated interests of management, workers, unions, and the public. 3 credits


Additional Courses

CAS 404 (3) or LER 437(3); CAS 250; CAS 403; CAS 452; CAS 471; HDFS 311; HDFS 414; LER 434; PLSC 14; PLSC 418; PSYCH 281; PSYCH 484; SOC 119; SOC 455.  

Course Availability

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