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Graduate Certificate in
Business Sustainability Strategy


The Graduate Certificate in Business Sustainability Strategy is a 9-credit online program that can help you successfully lead change for sustainability within your organization, with course work focusing on strategy, business model innovation, operations, supply chain, employee engagement, and change management.

Required Courses (9 credits)

  • 3

    An overview of the economic, social, and environmental drivers of the transformation to sustainable business models and practices; identification of best practices and frameworks for assessing organizational engagement with sustainability; development of a strategic sustainability plan.

  • 3

    Addresses the managerial challenge of strategy implementation, particularly by examining the organizational elements that must be drawn into line to support a strategy, as well as the immense difficulties of changing an organization. Relies on two overarching frameworks: a model of organizational alignment and a model for managing the change process.

  • 3

    Introduction to new business models and sustainable design principles for reinventing products and services to drive business value while reducing environmental and social impact, sourcing raw materials and working effectively with suppliers to safeguard labor and human rights and protect and restore natural resources, and managing total cost and risk. Special focus on circular economy strategies and closed loop supply chains.

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