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Program Summary

Learn how geographic analysis can be used to explain the arrangement of human and physical features on Earth’s surface and how geography influences the ways that people use environmental resources. This 18-credit minor can enhance a variety of majors in technical and scientific areas.
Costs and Financial Aid

18 Credits $620/$664 per credit

Costs and Financial Aid 

The field of geography encompasses both social-behavioral and environmental sciences. Because of this, Penn State World Campus has partnered with the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences to offer an undergraduate Minor in Geography (GEOG) that can complement most majors in the social sciences, physical sciences, biological sciences, and technical disciplines.

The 18-credit geography minor introduces you to a broad range of concepts in areas such as:

  • sustainability and human-environment systems
  • energy policy
  • global warming
  • cartography, remote sensing, and geographic information systems
  • geopolitics

The courses are designed to provide you with a basic understanding of how geography can be used to describe, analyze, and explain the arrangement of human and physical features on Earth’s surface. This can help you to understand how and why people use environmental resources the way that they do.

The knowledge and skills that you gain with this minor can help prepare you to work in a variety of fields, including:

  • business
  • resource management
  • geographic information systems, remote sensing, and photogrammetry
  • policy analysis
  • urban and regional planning

This minor is open to all interested undergraduate World Campus students who meet the prerequisites. Students of energy and sustainability policy or business may find this minor particularly useful.