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Master of Professional Studies in


  • Janet Silbernagel Balster
    • Degree
      Ph.D., Forest Science, Michigan Technological University
    • Degree
      M.S., Forest Science, Michigan Technological University
    • Degree
      B.L.A., Landscape Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Dr. Janet Silbernagel Balster is an adjunct lecturer teaching GEODZ 826: Representation and Change. Janet brings a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise, having worked as a landscape ecologist and landscape architect with the U.S. Forest Service before beginning an academic career that spans more than 25 years. Janet is an emeritus professor of landscape architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Janet founded Silvernail Studio for Geodesign, LLC. The private practice offers multifaceted services that span professional geographic information system (GIS) map products to landscape conservation strategies and sustainable landscape architectural design.

  • Kelleann Foster
    • Degree
      M.L.A., Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, University of Massachusetts
    • Degree
      B.S.L.A., Landscape Architecture, Penn State

    Kelleann Foster is an active emeritus professor of landscape architecture. She is a proven design leader and invited speaker at many national and international design planning and technology-focused conferences. She is a registered landscape architect whose work is rooted in interdisciplinary and forward-thinking outreach in many respects. Her work advances technologies to communicate alternative scenarios to citizens. She is the author of the Wiley book Becoming a Landscape Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design.

  • David Goldberg
    • Degree
      M.L.A., Landscape Architecture, Penn State
    • Degree
      B.S.L.A., Landscape Architecture, Penn State

    David Goldberg is the director of online geodesign programs and associate clinical professor of landscape architecture. David teaches courses in design implementation, building information modeling, site design, and geodesign. His research intentionally sways between tool-centric and topic-centric inquiries, allowing him to be pragmatic in professional practice and aspirational in teaching. He negotiates the role of applied design computing between the academy and the industry. This includes optimizing the physical and virtual environments where teams interact, enhancing interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborations, and developing strategies for virtual learning environments for studio design courses. Topically, he focuses on how landscape architecture incorporates building information modeling and how leveraging big data and near-real-time data creates "digital twins" for landscape architecture — the results of which will be impactful to the practice and discourse of geodesign.

  • Devin Lavigne
    B.A.A., Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson Polytechnic University

    Devin Lavigne is an adjunct lecturer teaching GEODZ 852: Urban/District-Scale Challenges. Devin is a nationally recognized urban planning professional with more than 20 years of experience in urban planning, geodesign, and geographic information systems (GIS). Lavigne is a co-founder of Houseal Lavigne Associates, an award-winning planning and design firm based in Chicago. The firm specializes in community planning, urban design, and economic development, and uses creativity and collaboration to deliver quality solutions.

  • James Sipes
    • Degree
      M.L.A., Landscape Architecture, Iowa State University
    • Degree
      B.L.A., Landscape Architecture, University of Kentucky

    James Sipes is an award-winning environmental planner, landscape architect, and writer with more than 30 years of experience encompassing a wide range of design and planning projects. His work includes environmental planning and design, land use planning, watershed management, low-impact development, urban design, cultural resource management, and community-based design. He has received national recognition, having written more than 350 articles for a variety of publications and several books on environmental issues, green infrastructure, and water resources.

  • Robert Stauder
    • Degree
      MPS, Community Planning, University of Cincinnati
    • Degree
      B.A., Spanish, Colorado State University

    Robert Stauder is an adjunct lecturer teaching GEODZ 511: Geodesign History, Theory, and Principles. Robert is a geographic information systems (GIS) professional with more than 25 years of experience in geodesign, GIS analysis, and planning. Robert is the GIS analyst/developer for Houseal Lavigne, an award-winning planning and design firm based in Chicago. Prior to joining Houseal Lavigne, Robert was a project manager for Esri, where he worked on and supported projects in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Robert has experience in using GIS for public engagement, planning, conservation, public safety, and workflow optimization.

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