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Residency Experiences

Required On-Campus Residency

One of the most unique aspects of the Penn State Master of Finance degree program online is the one-week required residency. In this interactive residency, you will work closely with the program faculty to receive hands-on, model-building experience, using a complex simulation tool. You will analyze a range of possible financial risk outcomes and the probabilities that they will occur for any choice of action. These financial modeling tools will be used as an integral part of subsequent courses in the Master of Finance program, and you can benefit greatly from performing these simulations in a live-group format.

The required residency experience also allows you to meet face-to-face with your peers for the first time after completing the first four courses together in a virtual environment. The interactions and group assignments during the residency allow you to better network with your fellow classmates to learn from each other's experiences and areas of expertise.

Student Perspectives

Participants in the Master of Finance residency answer what was the best feature of the residency experience?

"Collaborating with the professor was extremely helpful. Meeting classmates will be beneficial for future team projects. I think the residency is vital to learning financial forecasting and modeling, creating and backing up assumptions, and creating Monte Carlo simulations."
— Master of Finance student, class of summer 2014

"Overall, an excellent and "must-have" experience that makes the whole curriculum much more enriching!"
— Master of Finance student, class of summer 2014

Residency Start Dates
Semester of Matriculation Residency Dates
Spring 2022 September 12–17, 2022
Fall 2022 March 29, 2023–April 3, 2023

Attendance at the one-week residency is required. It is held at Penn State's Great Valley Campus near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, running Monday through Saturday approximately six to eight hours per day.

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