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Recent market dynamics in the energy and resource industries are leading to new employment opportunities for graduates with a background in energy business and finance. To help you gain knowledge in this growing field, Penn State World Campus has partnered with the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences to offer an Undergraduate Minor in Energy Business and Finance (EBF).

The 24-credit EBF minor introduces you to financial, investment, and management concepts applied to private sector organizations whose operations emphasize the Earth and its environment, the energy and mineral industries, and the development of new and enhanced materials. The EBF minor focuses on the leadership and information strategies characteristic of enterprises that are succeeding in a rapidly integrating global economy.

The EBF minor can introduce you to basic entrepreneurial and business concepts and help prepare you for success in a changing professional environment. It may also provide you with an opportunity to focus on business strategies in the Earth resources, environmental, and materials industries.

The knowledge and skills that you gain with an EBF minor can help prepare you to work in a variety of fields including:

  • energy and resource industries
  • financial institutions
  • nonprofit groups
  • international organizations focused on energy and environmental issues

This minor is open to all interested undergraduate World Campus students who meet the prerequisites. Students of business or energy and sustainability policy may find this minor particularly useful.