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Graduate Certificate in
Business Analytics


Through the curriculum of the 9-credit online business analytics certificate program, you can learn to explore and analyze large data sets to support data-driven business decisions through the complete spectrum of analytics activities: descriptive (what happened), diagnostic (why it happened), predictive (what will happen), and prescriptive (what should happen).

Beginning with the spring 2022 semester, the business analytics program will offer a second intake. You will have the flexibility to start this graduate program in either the fall or spring semester. By taking the three courses in sequential order, beginning with BAN 830, you can complete the required course work to earn the certificate on a part-time basis in as little as 12 months.

Course List — Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics 

Required Courses* (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Descriptive Analytics for Business BAN 830

Explores the use of descriptive analytics concepts, tools, and techniques throughout a wide range of business scenarios and problems.

3 credits
Predictive Analytics for Business BAN 840

Explores the use of predictive analytics tools and techniques throughout a wide range of business scenarios and problems; includes a subset of methods such as neural networks, machine learning, social media analytics, and more.

3 credits
Prescriptive Analytics for Business BAN 550

Development of methods for prescriptive analytics with a focus on business supply side decisions and risk mitigation.

Prerequisite: BAN 840

3 credits

*Because key concepts build from one course to the next, please plan to start with BAN 830, follow with 840, and finish with 550. Prerequisite includes previous work experience and/or academic background with statistics. Please contact the program at [email protected] for further information.

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