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Master of
Applied Statistics


Ph.D., Statistics, University of Pittsburgh 
M.S., Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta 
M.A., Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh 
B.S., Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta 

Dr. Indrani Basak teaches undergraduate and graduate statistics classes.  Her research interests include robust statistical methods, censoring methods, analytic hierarchy process, and multivariate analysis.

Ph.D., Statistics, Southern Methodist University
M.S., Statistics, University of Texas at El Paso 

Dr. Priyangi Bulathsinhala is an assistant teaching professor in the statistics department. She teaches both online and resident classes. She joined the Penn State statistics department in August 2016. Her research interests include applications in spatial statistics.

Ph.D.,  Statistics, Cornell University 
M.S.,  Statistics, Cornell University 
B.S., Mathematics, Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Dr. Mosuk Chow is the MAS program director, and her areas of research interest include biostatistics, statistical decision theory, Bayesian inference, and sampling methods. An important question in statistical decision theory is to characterize the set of all optimal procedures. An admissible procedure is optimal in the weak sense that it cannot be outperformed by another procedure completely in all circumstances. It is thus desirable to find necessary conditions for admissible procedures. Her work in decision theory involves finding such necessary conditions, investigating the admissibility properties of various estimators for problems arising from biology, genetics, and fishery.  

Ph.D., Statistics, University of Michigan 
A.B., Mathematics, Princeton University 

Dr. David Hunter is a professor in the Department of Statistics, where he also serves as co-director of online programs. He was a high school mathematics teacher prior to earning his doctorate in statistics and joining the Penn State faculty in 1999. At Penn State, he has taught statistics at all levels from introductory to graduate levels, and as department head from 2012 to 2018, he oversaw Penn State's rise to national prominence as a center for expertise in statistics education. His research interests include statistical computing, models for social networks, and statistical clustering.

Ph.D.,  Statistics, Penn State
M.S.,  Statistics, Penn State
B.Sc., Statistics (First Class Honors), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Dr. Prabhani Kuruppumullage Don is an assistant research professor in the Department of Statistics. As the assistant director of online programs, she also oversees all operations of the online programs for the department. Prior to joining the department in 2018, she served as an assistant professor of statistics at the University of Rhode Island and completed her post-doctoral training at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Her research interests include statistical computing, statistical genetics, and latent class models.

V.M.D., Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
M.S., Agricultural Economics and Operations Research, Penn State

Dr. Eugene Lengerich is a professor of public health sciences and faculty director of the public health preparedness option. He teaches courses on epidemiology, community preparedness and resilience, and the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. He also mentors students in independent research. He has led health assessments for medical and public health students in domestic and international settings. Prior to joining Penn State, he conducted outbreak investigations as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer and preventive medicine resident at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Following his experience at the federal level, he led health investigations for the state of North Carolina. His research interests are in outbreak detection and investigation, community and public preparedness, and preparedness education.

Ph.D., Forest Resources, Penn State
M.S., Forest Resources and Operations Research, Penn State
B.S., Forest Science, Penn State

Dr. Bruce Lord has more than 30 years of experience as a resource economist specializing in the impacts of natural resources upon rural economies. He has made extensive use of survey research to study the economic impacts of the wood products industry and natural resource–based travel and tourism. His research interests include survey design and analysis, natural resource measurements, and economic forecasting.

Ph.D., Ecology, Penn State
M.S., Ecology, Penn State

Dr. Eric Nord is a plant physiological ecologist and quantitative ecologist with an interest in agricultural ecosystems.  

Ph.D., Statistics, University of Minnesota
M.Sc., Statistics, University of Minnesota
BSc., Economics and Statistics, University of Birmingham, UK

Dr. Iain Pardoe teaches and writes online university statistics and math courses from Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. He teaches at Thompson Rivers University and, as well as at Penn State. His main teaching interest is applied statistics, particularly regression, and he is the author of Applied Regression Modeling (second edition, Wiley, 2012). Dr. Pardoe has broad experience in regression modeling and graphics, Bayesian analysis, and statistical computing. He has also been involved with statistical consulting projects in criminal justice, manufacturing demand, scheduling, and eco-labeling marketing.  

Ph.D., Statistics,  Penn State
M.S., Statistics,  Penn State
B.S., Mathematics and Applied Mathematical Economics,  SUNY Oswego

Dr. Megan Romer has been teaching online since 2009 when she earned her doctorate from Penn State's Department of Statistics. She enjoys discussing statistical concepts and problems with students. Before returning to school to finish her doctorate, Dr. Romer worked in clinical trials as a senior research support associate. Her primary area of research is in incomplete data.  

Ph.D., Statistics,  Penn State
B.S., Mathematics,  Kansas State

Dr. Scott Roths' primary interest is in teaching statistics, including probability and multivariate methods. He teaches both online and at the University Park campus.

Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Penn State

Dr. Eduardo Santiago's research interest is in design of experiments (DOE), specifically the algorithmic creation of optimal designs. He has more than 10 years of industry experience working as a consultant in automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, insurance, logistics, and chemical industries. Dr. Santiago has written several papers in different areas, including DOE and statistical process control. He has designed and co-developed a control chart available in Minitab to monitor adverse events, such as nosocomial infections and urinary tract infections.  

Ph.D., M.S., Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University 
Master of Human-Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University 
B.A., Psychology, Duquesne University 

Dr. Aleksandra Slavković is co-chair of the Applied Statistics program, and her past and current research interests include usability evaluation methods, human performance in virtual environments, statistical data mining, application of statistics to social sciences, algebraic statistics, and statistical approaches to confidentiality and data disclosure. Her dissertation work focuses on statistical methodologies for disclosure limitation and data confidentiality, and presents new theoretical links between disclosure limitation, statistical theory, and computational algebraic geometry.  

Ph.D., Psychology in Education, University of Pittsburgh  
M.A., Applied Statistics, University of Pittsburgh 

 Dr. Andrew Wiesner's primary research interests are in sports and educational statistics. He serves on the executive committee for the Penn State Center for the Study of Sports in Society and is a board member for the Penn State All-Sports Museum.  Dr. Wiesner has also presented several faculty workshops on interpreting item statistics to improve exams and the fundamentals of test item–writing.     

Ph.D., Statistics, University of Florida
M.S., Statistics, University of Florida 
B.S., Mathematics, University of Sri Lanka, Colombo 

Dr. Manel Wijesinha focuses her research primarily on optimal designs in multi-response regression models. She has expanded her research areas to include dose response experiments and microarray data analysis. In these areas of biostatistics, she finds many opportunities to apply her optimal design expertise.  

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