Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

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Lead the Decision-Making Process with Applied Statistics

Because your organization depends on your ability to research, analyze, and interpret data to help reduce risk and achieve success, you need to make decisions that stand up to scrutiny from your supervisor, clients, and customers. Graduate study in applied statistics can help you hone your data-analytic skills so that you can be confident that your projects are backed by proven methodology, a solid plan, and strong data-driven assessments.

To help you meet your career goals, Penn State World Campus has partnered with Penn State's Eberly College of Science to offer an online Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics. 

Why Applied Statistics Online at Penn State

As a student in Penn State’s online Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics program, you can increase your understanding of statistical analysis while you train on industry-standard software packages such as Minitab, R, and SAS.

The program blends practical and theoretical data analysis and can give you the tools and knowledge you need to handle and analyze data for your organization. The online curriculum is based on the resident program and taught by many of the same faculty. The requirements for both the online and resident applied statistics programs are identical.

Choose the Online Graduate Program in Applied Statistics That Is Right for You

Penn State offers an online master’s degree and an online Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics.

Master of Applied Statistics

This master’s degree program is designed to help you develop your data- analytic skills and explores the core areas of applied statistics (DOE, ANOVA, Analysis of Discrete Data, MANOVA, and many more) — without delving too deeply into the foundations of mathematical statistics.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

Regardless of your professional background, this certificate program can help you improve your data-analytic skills. If you are accepted into the Master of Applied Statistics program, the 12 credits you earn toward this certificate may be applied to the master's program. In order to apply the 12 credits to the master's degree, you must achieve a grade of "C" or better in the certificate courses and an average GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

Who Should Apply?

This graduate certificate program is a good choice for you if you want to enrich your data-analysis and analytical abilities and gain a greater knowledge of statistics.

Acquire an Immediately Applicable Skill Set

This certificate program can give you a solid background in the fundamentals of statistics that extends beyond a software program's capabilities or features. You can gain a skill set that is useful in fields such as business, education, health, science, government, and technology. You can also acquire skills to apply immediately in your workplace, helping to make you a more valuable problem solver for your organization.

Online Education at Penn State

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